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Head Cyber IC 200

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I am really interested to see anyones opinion of these skis. Head claims they are just as good in Pow as on trail. But they have a 12 metre turn radius. How can this be possible? So is it hype or is it true? Its up to you?
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SkiBoy: Re your question on the Head I.C. 200, if you look at the ski's dimensions (126/66/106), you start to understand why Head can make this claim. This gives you a wide platform, shovel and tail, for powder and crud conditions, with a small waist for quick edge on groomed.

Additionally, this ski has intellifibers that is supposed to let the ski flex when not being pushed (i.e. powder skiing) and will quickly render it stiffer when skiing at high speed or pushing it in the crud. Time will tell how effective it is.

I've skied the XP100 in 177cm. It has similar size to the I.C.200 and it is a beauty. If you are thinking of buying the I.C. 200 and can get your hands on the XP100 you can save yourself some big dollaroes.

Keep skiing faster! :

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