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Please Critique my Skiing!

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Hello! I'm wondering if you guys can please have a look at this (low quality, my apologies) video of me skiing and let me know what I can do to improve. It was a Super G course, although not the steepest part of it obviously.


Some things I've noted:


- I don't bend my knees NEARLY enough.

- I don't really look like I'm on the edge, giving it everything. It sort of feels that way, but it definitely doesn't look it.

- I'm wide on the line, and start my turns way too late.


I'm sure there's millions of other things I'm doing wrong, and my time reflected it, and I'd love to know what the wise Epic skiiers think I should work on to improve my racing.


Thanks in advance!

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That's just about the worst quality video ever posted on EpicSki. That said, it looks tome like your main issue is that you are in the backseat.

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Thanks, you're definitely right. I worked on that today and will continue to do so, that's such a major thing especially in such an easy part of the hill to ski.

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I wouldn't worry about bending your knees more.  Doing that could hurt rather than help.  Bending at knees generally leads to skiing in the backseat, which is what you're doing.  Focus on getting your hips forward.  More flex at the ankles, not the knees.  The inside knee only bends in a ski turn so that it can move out of the way for higher edge angles...this is something that happens because it needs to, not because you're trying to do it.  The outside leg should be relatively straight so that it can be stacked and strong.


It looks like your inside leg is always under you, so there's too much weight on the inside to effectively use the outside ski for turning and edging.  Focus on putting more weight on the outside ski and moving that inside ski closer to the outside ski.  Get your weight forward forward forward...and more forward.  Do this as early in the turn as possible.  You want to feel like you're throwing your body down the hill.


And finally..don't worry about line right now.  At this point, it's much better for you to work on things outside the gates.  Learn to ski better, then use gates as a gauge to see if you've improved.  Don't try to improve your skiing in the just ends up leading to developing bad habits and bad movements because you're too focused on making gates and trying to get down the course fast.

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Awesome, thanks for that advice, I really appreciate it!

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