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Fischer Superrace SC vs WC SC vs WC SL

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I'm a 71 kg (156 lbs) / 171 cm (5'6") active alpine skier from a Nordic country who was just about to buy a shiny new Fischer RC4 WC SC / 160 cm pair but after reading few past threads about SC vs SL decided to check whether anyone has opinion or experiences on this year's SC / SL skis.


Background: I've already ruled out Fischer Progressor (not stiff enough for my taste and in general I clearly felt those skis are simply "not for me"). I also tested Superrace SC and although its radius was 13 m (at 160 cm) I had the same issue with them as with some comparable Atomics in this category: it felt like the ski doesn't work well unless you adapt your skiing to the radius. Could be because of how I ski somehow but nevertheless that was my personal impression so it's pretty clear that I wouldn't want to buy such skiis.


I was very pleased with WC SC and although its radius 11 m (at 160 cm) sounded initially suspicious, I found the ski being much more versatile than the Superrace SC. I was simply able to ski better with WC SC and in general already after few runs felt that these are the skis I want to ski with. WC SCs required a bit more muscles than Superrace SCs but that was/is not an issue for me, I go to gym every week of the year to keep my legs in fit for skiing and in general enjoy the feeling near the end of the day that I've given everything I've got.


So why the heck I'm posting here if I was so happy with Fischer RC4 WC SC that I almost bought them already? Well, I read a review from an old local magazine and found the old threads in this forum where - surprisingly to me - it was commented that WC SL would, in fact, be even more versatile than WC SC! Unfortunately, around here there are not SL skis available to rent so I'd need to buy them without testing. Which is something I won't do slightly.


Thus I'm asking whether someone has tested these same skiis I'm writing about and has some hints for me, should I be happy with WC SC or take a slight risk and go for WC SL? And if WC SL, would the medium or stiff would be better choice for a skier like me based on above? Price difference for these seems not to be significant.


Here are few quick links to skiis I'm talking about:






And the past SC vs SL threads I checked were:





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I tried a bunch of slalom skis and ended up with WC SC's in 165 for real world skiing.

Race pedigreed SL skis are a chore to ski and spank you bad if you get off center.

You aren't heavy enough to bend a men's race SL, if you want to try something try some womens slalom skis.

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Sounds like you'd be happy with the SC, but why only looking at Fischer? They are good skis, of course, once you decipher their crazy model nomenclature.
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I weigh about the same as you and have an older version of the Fischer WC SC in 165 cm and 13 m radius.  Any stiffer (like say the SL) and you would have to ski it fast all the time to appreciate it.  Why not get the SC in 165 cm?   The extra length would make it a little more versatile.

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^^ +1 to what Ghost said.  If you want some versatility out of this ski - say bump skiing - you don't want anything stiffer than the SC.  I'm the same weight as the OP and have an older pair (do they really change much?) that I love.

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Originally Posted by goldsbar View Post

 have an older pair (do they really change much?)

I don't know about year to year but I have an old pair (white and yellow) and recently skied last years model. The newer ski is a pussy cat in comparison. Very easy to ski.  The older ski? Well, I'd hate to ski the race skis of that era. It will dig trenches but wear you out. Way fun though. 

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Thanks a lot for your insights, I think I'll just try WC SC 165 cm before making the final call (WC SC 160 cm or 165 cm).


WC SLs are in my experience pretty hard to come by at rental stores around here but if I see them I'll certainly give them a go even after buying WC SCs :)

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