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Skier attempting to learn snowboarding tomorrow - Any tips?

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Taking the school ski club tomorrow, as I've had the pleasure of doing this season. I've been spoiled by another great season of skiing in Montana, thus haven't wanted to waste a good ski day falling down the mountain in an attempt to snowboard.


Anyhow, the conditions at our local hill seem less than prime (for once, haha), so I figured it's the perfect opportunity to stick to the groomers and learn to snowboard. Always wanted to learn and mix it up a bit. I'll probably take a lesson, but any tips for a skier to learn to board? Any habits I need to unlearn, or anything I should do to avoid being bruised from head to toe tomorrow night?

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knee pads, Hip/Butt pads, wrist guards, helmet


Hard groomers are hard on these parts of your body when learning.


and .....


An injury might cut into your ski days biggrin.gif






bring your skis too, ya never know ...

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Watch episodes 1-7 or so.  I did, then was S-turning (albeit very tentatively) after about a dozen carpet rides.

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Aside for +1 for a helmet, I found that a little bit of speed was good. The lessons were on the magic carpet run and I found you were going so slow that it was difficult to maintain balance and try to make the turns. A little speed on the green runs and it was much better.

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Good point, I found the same thing.  Not enough speed on the bunny hill to actually do anything and balance.

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Always be on an edge.  Riding a flat board is a lot harder than riding a flat ski, at least for me; I would suddenly catch and edge and go down hard!  That's the thing about learning to board - you go down hard with no warning.  This goes away with some mileage but there is a certain soreness factor for first-timers.

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Wear baggy pants, a jacket two sizes too big, slouch, and say bro' a lot. roflmao.gif


+1 on armoring up, on a hard groomer day learning to board can be painful. Best time to learn is soft spring mashed potatoes.

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I've done both, but have skied a lot more than boarded. I did not use any body armor. Don't put out your hands if you fall. Take it on your shoulders, hips or arms if you have to, but don't put out your hands as you can break a wrist.


Keep weight on your front foot for stability and use back foot (not your arms) for turning.  Make turns both ways or you are not really snowboarding.

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1. Take a lesson

2. Wrist guard

3. Resist the natural reflex to break your fall.  You will hurt yourself more that way, especially wiping out toe side, because you can break your wrist, dislocate your shoulder, etc.

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Found my old wrist guards from my inline skating days (yes, yes, I know. Make fun all you want). I will definitely be taking a lesson and try to remember all the tips. Thanks for the advice, everyone! Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes....hopefully injury free.

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I found that rotating the bindings so I was facing a little more downhill helped me get started.  After a few days I put them back to normal.  


Oh yeah, and another vote for butt pads.

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Learn on a deep powder day.  No pain other than not skiing that day.

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Hey all. Day 1 was a great success! I watched all those videos last night (a huge help), took a lesson, and by noon I was doing both heelside and toeside turns ok, although slowly. Soon after lunch, I was making my way down the greens fairly well. Surprisingly I never fell getting off the chairlift today! Was really no problem thanks to the tips in the videos. By the end of the day, I was able to go from the top of the mountain to the bottom without falling at all. I'm super slow as it's day 1, but I was starting to really feel it by the end of the day. You guys were so right about staying on edge and keeping some speed. I found it way harder to poke along, and getting some momentum really helped out with my turning and staying on edge. I ain't gonna lie though, I fell a few times this morning and am hurting a bit, but overall, I'm happy with my progress.


I feel I'm a fairly competent skier, so starting something all over again is a bit intimidating (and frustrating). I can't see myself quitting skiing by any means, but I had fun today and can't wait to get better. I always thought it would be fun to start out the day thinking, "Hmmm. Do I feel like skiing or snowboarding today?" Fun stuff! Thanks again for all the help, everyone. Thanks to you all, my day 1 snowboard experience was way better than it would have been without.

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