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Atomic 9.34

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Have come across one of these "you'd be foolish to pass this one up deals" that seem to be my temptation on earth. It would be so easy if it were drink or gambling or women instead.

Does anyone have an opinion, comment or experience with the Atomic Beta race 9.34
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In my opinion, the 9.34 was one of the very best slalom racing skis available before everything went short. I believe it was introduced in 1997 or so and half way through the 1998 season the carvers were introduced and proved faster in the race cource. I have a pair of 193cm, dimensions are 92 61 77 which equates to a 32m side cut radius. So it is a pretty straight ski. I don't use them any more, as I have a lot more fun on other pairs that have more sidecut. Unless the deal is unbeatable (free or very little more), I would recommend that you look for something else.
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