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Steamboat Lodging Question - Choices

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Heading to SB in 2 weeks. Flights booked. Lodging isnt.


This is our first ski trip with, and to be honest first big trip ever with our almost 3 yr old in tow. So dad is nervous. Mostly about logistics of getting around SB, because ive not been there and dont know the layout of everything.


Not renting a car, so convenience is a big factor. Kid will be staying at the kiddie corral each day. And i plan on storing skis at the base as well.


I want somewhere convenient, and close to the gondola base, but not break the bank expensive.


right now its between


The Lodge at SB

Champagne Lodge at Trappeurs Crossing - for about $90 more total

First Tracks at Wildhorse Meadow - for about $500 less total


The Lodge-ive been told the lodge is really close and walkable , but also has a shuttle. More likely to get an outdated unit.


Trappeurs - told it was not really walkable with a little kid, but that the on call shuttle service was excellent. Also more likely to get a nice room, since it was newer complex. Better amemneties on site too.


First tracks at Wildhorse. - Really new building. The Wildhorse gondola is there, but was told its a long walk from this particular building.



So, willing to take any advice or opinions from Boat experts!


thanks in advance

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Is it Champagne or Trappeur's? Trappeur's is the name for the central amenity center but also of the oldest lodge of that group, which kind of sucks. Champagne is newer and nicer. I definitely wouldn't walk from Champagne, but they do have a regular shuttle out in front of the amenity center during the winter. It'll be easy enough to get around, but remember you'll probably be taking the shuttle multiple times a day because there's nothing really around that area (a shopping center around the corner that had a Mexican place and convenience store, last I checked, but it's not like being in a ski village).


The property is fairly new (I believe it was built around 2005-06, maybe) but more like middle-of-the-road for that particular area (they were opening new buildings every year when I was there in 06-08 and that one was already open). It's definitely nicer than Timberline and Trappeur's next door, but not as nice as Aspen, Elk and others. The amenity center is nice enough, but shared between multiple properties. I worked for the property management company that ran its rentals, which appears to have been taken over by Wyndham. Not sure if things have changed. 


If I'm visualizing correctly, the Lodge at Steamboat isn't much more walkable than Champagne. It's around the corner between Trappeur's and the shopping center I mentioned above, so maybe three minutes closer walking. It's certainly walkable in about 10 minutes, but I wouldn't really want to walk in ski boots with a three-year-old before skiing every day. I'd take a shuttle from there, too. 


Check out Torian Plum. That was part of ResortQuest, along with Champagne. They're older units, but they're right on the mountain and near all the restaurants, ski shops, etc. I don't think they were priced all that more than other properties, but you'll have to check. Proximity seems like it's the bigger priority over a spanking new condo, so that's what I'd do. 

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I'd highly recommend Priceline.  I used them last year for Steamboat President's week and got a week for under $1000 at the Sheraton.  I had never used PL before, but with Steamboat, if you pick a 4 star slopeside hotel, it can only be one of 3 or 4 hotels.


Staying at the base is great, especially with a child and no car. Plenty of restaurants, and a shuttle to get downtown once in a while is better than a shuttle to the mountain in the AM.


Have fun,. Wishing I was going back, but not this year.

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Champagne is correct.
I've looked at Torian Plum, but its quite a bit more expensive. I'll look again.

I would do the Priceline thing, but there is no way to insure a 2Br unit when bidding I don't think.
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I would call Steamboat lodging and see what's going on.  An easy walk is Canyon Creek, Highmark, wildflower and some of Trappeurs, bear claw (ski in out) and  also the west and a few otherSteamboat properties.  It comes down to what you want, a condo or a hotel. Wildhorse has its own gondi its painfully slow but it works, most of all others have shuttles that run regularly and we're really talking a 5 minute or less shuttle so I wouldn't place too much value there. How far do you consider too far for your child?   I don't know what's more important to you but you aren't going to walk to all the restaurants and unless you have a car or a shuttle you won't be able to get downtown or even down to city market and central park liquors ( you will want to) so the proximity to the gondi and base isn't all that important to be honest unless you plan on spending all of your time eating and such on the mountain.  Downtown is fun and has a lot to offer.  

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Agreed. I'm beginning to to think ill have to take a shuttle no matter what. That or be right in the middle which won't in the budget.
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Check out the West condos..  I have a place in Canyon creek which is very convenient and really a 5 minute walk but its not the cheapest per night.  

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I just got back form Steamboat and stayed at the Sheraton.  The hotel is fantastic and is close to everything.  They have good deals on the condo units right now, you will be happy if you stay there.  Good Luck.

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ive gone ahead and pulled the trigger. (well could actually cancel up until Sunday)


Champagne Lodge at Trappeurs....

thanks for the help all.

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awesome!  Let me know if you want to make some turns.  

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Thanks Finn. I'm afraid you'd be bored within 5 minutes. I'm not good.
I am hoping to actually get some snow while there. Never been anywhere during a true dump, but would take anything.
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naah, let me know when you get here and we'll make some turns! 

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hah, dude, i suck, but ill PM you my cell before we leave. 


Do you babysit too?? lol.

j/k, awesome of you to offer. 


Thanks Finn

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