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My vacation burned down!

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I'm booked at the 1000 Peaks Lodge next week:
It looks like we'll need someplace to stay. If we can't settle with 1000 Peaks or Panorama, what other options do we have in BC?  At this point I'm just trying to figure out what all my options are.




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you'll have no problems finding a place to stay at any town in BC this time of year. Best bet is to wait until you fly in, then decide on where you want to go. Finding a hotel will be no issue. I find nets the best deal. 

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With the current pineapple express hitting the coast the interior (B.C. and Alberta) are going to be very good after today - even Panorama is forecast to get a a good dump. Likely you will get  relocated on hill but if not there are lots of places to stay in B.C. We no longer bother booking ahead. - heading out the door now.

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If you paid a deposit, they may put you somewhere or they may refund. They should put in a equal or better property.

You might want to be proactive and find out, as opposed to just showing up.

Last January,  I went to BC completely without any reservations and didn't have any problems finding nice accommodations.

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