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I want to get into waxing my own skis and need some info about what stuff to get. If I could get some info on where to get it that would be good to.

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Get a scraper, Iron, bar of flouro-wax, and a brush from your local sports store or get the whole set off of ebay or something.

(next time try posting this in the "gear" section)

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A lot of people say that waxing and tuning are a combination of art, science and magic. There are many somewhat differing practices employed. Since I have no independent waxing expertise, I settled on a waxing approach that is manageable from a time standpoint and easy. See http://www.lacyslatherworks.com/
The author is a contributor here.

Waxing is mindless but fun.

For tuning products I mostly use the Beast line from http://www.the-raceplace.com/ located in Bend Oregon. That is also where I also go to have new skis prepped. The owner, Scott Holmer and his family and staff are all very knowlegable so you don't have to worry about someone in the back shop learning their craft on your new skis. Tognar Tool works also has good stuff.
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I would suggest you stay well clear of Highly Fluorinated waxes until you know exactly what you are doing.

Try these links:

http://www.tokowax.com/eng_wax_tuning.htm# look under Manual Link
or the pdf version

The process is easy, just ensure the iron isn't too hot.


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If you want some great info on waxing andd tuning go to http:www.tognar.com some great stuff there.

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