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As I understand it, there are 3 main types of canting designed to get the ski flat:

-in boot

-sole planing

-wedges under the binding


Actually, I guess there's cuff canting as well but I wasn't sure whether that was designed to centre/off centre the leg in the boot or make the ski flat.


A custom footbed should make pressure even across the foot and help flatten the ski but if you need canting after that, isn't the in boot or binding option the easiest to do? If you add the canting afterwards, doesn;t this change how pressure is applied across the foot?

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If you do canting like on the page below, doesn't it put extra pressure on the ankles in the boots making them closer to the hard plastic on the other side of the shim?

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if you found it and read about it on the internet it is correct. how could anyone on this forum improve on the attached website. those guys have got to be the definitive experts on stuffing garbage that they found laying around the base lodge into boots. definitely, yes definetly 482.



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Jim gets a little touchy when you talk about complete flakes masquerading as experts on a subject.



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the website was put up by john Gorman a chiropractor who in his own words "developed my own ideas on canting in about 1974"


don't think i need to say any more

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