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My ski boot saga--please help!

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I thought I was making progress but I'm not sure...


I bought size 26.5 Lange Super Blasters without much knowledge (I hadn't bought boots in about 12 or 13 years, so I'd forgotten how they were supposed to fit and also how to check for fit). They were 'ok' to ski but I ended up with some outer right ankle pain which forced me to visit a boot fitter while on our ski trip.


He did a shell fit check and I had almost an inch between my heel and the shell. We added Superfeet Green to help stabilize my foot so the right foot wouldn't collapse and send my outer ankle banging into the shell. The Superfeet did help kill some of the extra space, too. The fact that I got a boot a whole size too big bugged me and I knew it'd bug me on the snow knowing I didn't have the true performance fit I desired.


Once back home, I was able to return the boots and get Super Blasters in a 25.5 (one size smaller). They are definitely smaller overall. I have 1/2 inch between my heel and the shell. In the boot with the liner, the fit is a bit tighter than what I'd want. I haven't used them yet but just wearing them in the house gets uncomfortable after 12-15 minutes. I can wiggle my toes but I feel like my feet are being squeezed by a boa--especially the right foot (it's the shorter of my two feet but it's a bit wider and probably a higher profile instep--where the boot pressure is). The boots are really tight with my Superfeet installed but are more tolerable with the factory insoles as they are thinner. I don't have the two lower buckles very tight at all and I'm getting squeezed.


What do you recommend I do? Will heat setting the liners help? Use the factory insoles until the liners pack out some? Go back to the 26.5s with Superfeet to kill space and live with a lesser-than-performance fit? Thanks in advance!


*I should note, I have been trying the boots on in the afternoon and evening. I hear that feet are the largest at that time due to standing, etc. It is also pretty warm in So Cal right now. Does this matter?

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Get them heat molded with the super feet in---the liner will stretch at the front and compress around the heel which equals more room---


wear the thinnest sock you have the first day and the liner will break in and be more comfortable---you may need the right boot to be stretched for width  to fit that foot.  It sounds like you may have a good thing going here.  You might even consider not wearing a sock the first day---try the boot on without a sock to see how much room this opens up inside the liner---you don't deed a sock to stay warm---you need good capillary circulation in the skin to keep those toes warm---if wearing a sock compresses the capillaries, why wear one?



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Thanks Mike. I just wore the boots at home for 30 minutes with the factory insoles and was ok this time. It's early in the day here and I haven't left my home office yet. Yesterday I mtn biked and then trail ran late in the day, i.e. swollen feet? I'll try your no socks trick, too.


Mike, if I have a very snug performance/race fit with the factory insoles, do I even need Superfeet? The feet don't seem to move/arches collapse much but maybe I'm not really able to tell.

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the over the counter foot bed is better at stabilizing your feet than the factory insole and this will improve your control, get them heat molded---it will certainly help your first day out on the slopes.



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