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Rossignol S3?

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I've been hearing a lot of about the Rossignol S3, I'm leaning towards picking a pair up over the summer. I'm a very solid advanced, near-expert skier, mostly looking for something to ski in the steep and deep stuff at Kicking Horse and Revelstoke. That being said, I'd love if they could work on non-powder days as well... (say, 75% backside, 25% front).


Are Rossignol S3s an appropriately advanced ski? How would these compare to Blizzard Bonifide, or Volkl Gotama, for the steep and deep stuff (with a splash of frontside stuff). I've only ever skied on Rossignol skis, so the S3 was my first thought, but maybe I should broaden my horizons.



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Welcome to EpicSki.  I suggest you broaden your horizons and demo some fat skis.  Try some with camber and rocker and some that are full rocker.  There are a lot of really excellent skis being made, actually kind of hard to find a truly bad one.  I would look at Atomic, Blizzard, Nordica, Volkl, Dynastar and Salomon at a minimum, in addition to Rossi.

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I'd go wider (S6/S7/Super7) if you want a powder oriented ski for Kicking Horse or Revy.  There are tons of brands that cater to what you want and unless you demo them you shouldn't just pick rossi, even though i have an S7 and think they are fantastic and the entire rossi line is great.

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Echo what mtcyclist said!  I've started to demo a few things in the 94-105 waist-width range myself.  So many good skis, but it's important to get a feel for what works best for your conditions, your physical attributes and your style of skiing.  FWIW, I recently demo'd the S3 up in Northern VT and found it to be an easy and fun skis in softer conditions.  I was not, however, a fan on the hardpack/ice at all. 

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If you like S3, you should look into S7 for backside and powder.

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