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I've finally gotten myself back on the hill after a 15 or so year hiatus. I've upgraded my boots (atomic hawx 120's), but I'm still on my early/mid 90's rossi 7sk 195's. I'm perhaps a shade off the expert skier of my 20's (although I'm getting back there). I'm 5'9", 160ish, very agressive, and am at my happiest in the bumps. I've demoed a few skis on the advice of a local ski shop: the atomic blackeye (not ti) , and K2 impact (167's). They suggested these skis because of the wood core. I found that the atomics seemed to actually carve through the bumps (rather than the "bashing" I am used to with my long, stiff slalom skis). However, if I got in the backseat at all, it was all over... I ended up on my rear end - and this happened quite a bit. When I get in the backseat of my 195's I just need to bail out, but I rarely ever fall... My guess is that the upturned tails of the atomics are the issue. I was otherwise ok with the skis, but I was not wowed. The k2's gave me a similar experience, however I never lost this ski when I got in the backseat. It seemed to make nice, snappy short turns - and I even found them carving an holding turns on steep ice (important in New England), however they just seemed clumsy in the bumps... In the case of both skis, it seemed like the tails weren't able to deliver when I asked a lot from them (if that makes sense...). Also, both skis felt too short (upper 160's/low 170's). I just didn't fall in love with either pair (both are marketed as intermediate level skis).

I would like to hear what some other similar skiers are skiing on. Are bumps skis the way to go (the hart f17 classic claims it can also be an all-mountain ski), or are there other options that people like. I really want something quick, nimble, and responsive!