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How's your progress going on your goal for the season?

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There was a thread her a while back where people described what their goals for this season were.  

How's you progress going?  Have you met your goal, or are you still working on it?  Did your goal get derailed?  Did it change? 



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Sorry I missed that earlier thread.  My main goal was to get my son out and able to ski greens and easy blues top to bottom without major trouble.  Just about there.  I got him out twice, so far hoping for one more spring hero snow trip if money and time allows.  As for me, I had fun with a bunch of bears and one solo trip earlier in the season. 



Did get some extra practice skiing switch hahaha..

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There was another thread about goals in addition to the one you quoted.  I can't find it, however.


My goal was to become more fluid and natural in my movements, and I feel like I've made some real progress in that department but still have plenty of work to do.  My updated version of this goal is to be more committed to the next turn in steep expert terrain, which right now is much too different than my skiing and confidence on advanced terrain.  Obviously these things are closely related.

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My goals were mainly for my kids as well.  I wanted them to get from level 3 to level 4 or higher.   They've done that for the most part.   Both can now perform a good solid hockey stop as well which was my major goal for them.


My skiing has probably inproved by 10% or so this season, which is fine with me.  I didn't set any firm goals besides to improve my form and try to move my confidence going off some larger kickers.

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I introduced my wife and 5 year old to skiing this year, and I returned to skiing after 15+ year hiatus. Primary goal was to make sure my wife enjoyed skiing and didn't get turned off. Success there, but I can't take credit for it as she had a great instructor. 5 year old likes it, too. Next year the younger one starts.

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not as good a season as I was hoping.


sucks to be me, right now: have morton's neuroma on left foot, causing limited skiing

(so far only for 2-3 hrs at a time before throbbing pain kicks in)

...hopefully  my new orthotics will help out (still comes and goes) and the recent boot

punch out will help too...and also getting my weight

down 40-50 lbs by next season and getting in better shape all cumulatively

get me back on track (as well as my perk back up my self confidence, which is thus shot to hell)frown.gif

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My goal was to get out and ski for the first time in over 10 years (a few ankle surgeries, car accidents, and life got in the way.)

I also want to ski with my niece (11) and nephew (8).


My biggest concern getting back on skis was ankle pain. Got my FullTilts with custom liners--most comfortable boots I've ever had. First day back--one of the coldest of the year--had a great day and kept it to 4 hours. Thought I'd be wicked sore in the morning, but I wasn't! Second day, got to ski with my niece!! That was just one of the best days I've ever had skiing. It had nothing to do with the conditions or weather--just got to spend some one-on-time her! Third day, blew the ACL. That made for a very short season.


So I did get out there and ski a lot of black diamonds and got with my niece so I'm starting on next year's goals:


1) Knee Rehab

2) Schuss membership at Breckenridge

3) Actually use my Epic Pass

4) Stay away from the moguls


Edit: Added #4

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My goals were to 1) ski 3-4 times a week and 2) get good enought to efficiently ski, not just survive getting down, the double blacks. Even with living 20 min from the lifts and semi retired, life keeps getting in the way of goal #1. I am skiing more efficiently on blues and blacks but the really steeps are still a struggle. Glad the season here lasts well into June. Still a lot of turns to be had.


@ canali - I've got issues with  morton's neuroma too but off and on. A heating pad under the foot works for me on bad days and I'm looking for a massuse.

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Didn't have clear goals because I didn't know how skiing without an ACL would go.  Luckily had more than enough time in the summer and fall to rehab the knee and work on ski conditioning.  Skiing pretty much the same level as before, if not a bit better because of lessons with a Level 3 instructor at Massanutten.  Certainly did more than expected at Blue Knob.  Looking forward to Bridger, Big Sky, and Alta! biggrin.gif

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My progress is going great. Got 11 days in this year and I am skiing more confidently on steeps than I could have possibly imagined. The only thing that hasn't gone in my favor is that my big toenail is going to fall off again.

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My goal this year was ditch work as much as I can and hit every powder day I can.  I lost count but I'm around 10 pow days as of last week.  Haven't missed a good storm yet.  Epic year so far.  The last few months have been so awesome and I've been so happy they are just a blur. 

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