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Denver to winter park

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Hey guys, I'm from atlanta and have a trip planned to winter park in a few weeks. I've been looking at transportation and trying to find a good deal. I should be landing in Denver at around 9:30. There are four of us. None of us are 25 so rental car would be pricey. Any recommendations on taxi service or shuttle service??

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We took a Home James van last year (family of three).  I don't recall what we paid, but they were reliable.  They meet you at the airport terminal.  Another option, I suppose, is Amtrak from Downtown Denver, though I haven't tried that. 

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I think Home James is your best bet.


Unfortunately, Amtrak is just not practical.  Cab downtown, wait for train, cab in WP or just a 1 1/2 hour shuttle to WP.

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Get a shuttle, easy.

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Thanks for the pointers. Home James seems to be around 25% more expensive than a couple others that we found. Have you heard anything good or bad about Best Ride (
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