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New Head Worldcup Ti M103R ski boots

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I was wondering if any of you fellow skiers out there
has had a chance to try the new Head Worldcup Ti M103R
ski boots. I would like to know how you find these boots
in terms of volume, ramp angle, etc... Currently I ski
on Salomon XWave 10.0 boots. I am happy with them but they
are a little too tight on the instep and I would like to
see if I can find a model that would improve over my
current ones.

Thank you in advance for your help,

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Can't u just shave the footbed and/or the outside top of the liner to get a bit more instep room?
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Already did that! Otherwise they would be
quite painful. I have used them about 130-150
times already so the time to buy a new pair
is not too far in the future and would like to
do some "research" now instead of having to do
all the work at once.
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I think there are 2 issues with boots. Fit is one, how the boot skis is another. I am skiing on last year's Head World Cup TR Heatfits for what it's worth. I'm not sure how similar they are to the TI 103's. They fit my feet quite well. I have a high instep, not a narrow foot. Tecnicas are my favorite for how they ski. My bootfitter warned me that their shell had been redesigned and would not fit my instep. Also, my last Tecnicas were way too small for my calfs. I had to have the top buckle repositioned in order to buckle them. The Heads fit me well in these areas. I am still playing with the ramp angle. I've had the visser ground to lower the heels, now I'm about to put some of that back with heel wedges. Biggest problem I have found is with excessive forward lean, which is a common problem with ski boots. I've removed the extra spoiler piece and cranked them back all the way. Unlike the Tecnicas, the rear top shell is way too thick to heat them and take out some of the forward inclination. The plastic there is over a half an inch of solid plastic. The buckles on these boots are great! They're aluminum, not plastic, and have springs in them to allow some give with tight fastening. Having the buckles made of durable material is important if you ski hard on hard snow. I broke several buckles on the previous boots from grounding out on "hardpack".
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I bought this boot last season and am very happy with it. I have a narrow heal and wide fore foot. I am not sure how my instep compares, but the top of my foot is very sensitive to pressure (pain and circulation). I do not have this problem with these boots. I have tried the xwave 10: The 103 is stiffer. Also, the liner is denser and thinner. The Salomon liner, like the technica, is cushier and will conform to more foot shapes. Therefore, the Head needs to feel good right out of the box as it won't conform as much over time. This is similar to Lange, which is my favorite boot line. Unfortunately the Lange doesn't fit me well enough and is tough to get in and out of. I think the Lange has a better shell flex than the Head. Everyone compliments the Head spring buckles but I find that if I don't unlatch them in the correct sequence, I get stuck in them. I will have to crank down one buckle to be able to open the other. No boot is perfect for any individual I guess, but I think I made the right choice with the Head. Hope this helps.
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Thank you guys. I appreciate your help.

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For what it's worth, I recently bought a pair of Salomon Wave 10's. It came down to either those or the Heads that you mentioned. Loved the buckles and the overall quality of the Heads, but found them to be a little more roomy than the Salomons, which might bode well for you if you felt the Salomons were too tight in the instep. I'm wondering if those spring loaded buckles would ease the pressure over your instep, as I've heard that they tend to flex somewhat. I could have been very happy in the Heads, but I felt the Salomons were a better overall fit for me. Peter Keelty's site, www.techsupportforskiers.com, goes into quite a bit of detail about boots. Also, Harald Harb endorses and skies in Head boots, and he advocates a stiff and upright boot (www.harbskisystems.com). I'm not sure if he has other motivations to push their product, but he has a lot of info about them on his site.
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