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Following in the classic Head tradition, the Rev 105 is probably the dampest wide ski made.  Which, if you like a smooth ride when ripping through cut-up crud, makes it perhaps the best wide ski available.


It has medium stiffness and lots of dampness.  Which means you can make it bend at moderate speeds in powder, but still bomb the bowls at 40mph.


It has a round flex, medium stiffness, lots of sidecut, and a little tip rocker.  Which allows you to make quick turns whether on groomers or in deep snow by tipping it radically on edge ("steering the ski" is my favorite phrase).  Even though it isn't stiff, it doesn't like to slide much.  It likes to carve, whether on piste or in soft snow.


It is about 90% cambered, very damp, has a round flex and good edge grip.  Which makes it feel great when carving on piste.  Lay 'em over and the race is on.


Stable at high speeds, but quick turning.  Carves well, but still bends easily in powder.  Which makes it a true all-mountain ski.  With its width and lack of stiffness, I'd call it 80% powder / 20% piste.


I categorize its stiffness as medium.  It's a notch softer than the slightly less rockered Line Influence 105.  Also a notch softer than the more rockered K2 Sidestash, Volkl Katana, and Blizzard Cochise.  Two notches softer than the Dynastar Pro Rider 105 and Nordica Girish.  But stiffer than the Elan Olympus Mons, old Volant Chubb and Volant Machete.


Sure it's heavy.  I've never found a ski that's totally damp and stable without also being heavy.  But that's not a problem for me-- I don't generally hop or pivot, but prefer to steer the skis by tipping them on edge (not that I can fully achieve that in tight or steep places).  My style is definitely not new school-- I carve my turns even in powder.


When I say it has a 'round flex', I mean two things:  that the front half and the rear half of the ski bend about the same amount, and that it doesn't have a stiffer mid-section with softer tip and tail like so many skis do. (Examples with the stiffer mid-section:  Dynastar Mythic Rider and the K2 Apache series-- Recon, Outlaw, and Coomba-- of a couple of years back).  That stiffer mid-section design is pretty smart: it allows powerful carving combined with good manageability off-piste.  But nonetheless I prefer the feel of uniform flex when a roundly-bent ski moves through the snow.   And the fact that the tips and tails are balanced in stiffness suits my loose-limbed, careening style.


The closest ski from another manufacturer is probably the Influence 105.  If I weighed 185 pounds instead of 155, or was 35 years old instead of 57, I'd probably choose the Influences.


On paper, the Atomic Ritual looks comparable, but I haven't skied it.   And most of the other wide skis have more rocker than I like.


In the never-ending quest for a ski that's stable at high speed in rough snow, carves a powerful turn on hardpack, yet is also soft enough to bend in powder, I haven't found another wide ski that delivers as well in all of these traits.


So the 181cm Rev 105 is my choice after a year-long search for a wide ski to complement my Salomon Enduro XT 850's, comprising the middle and wide components of my three ski quiver.  To read about other wide contenders, you can follow last year's installment of my search at  .





How well you are able to ski is related to how hard you are willing to fall.


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