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Which Ski?

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Hey everyone!

Which is the stiffer ski....the Kastle MX78 or the Blizzard Magnum IQ 7.6?  And, which of these two skis is lighter? I'm 5'9", 185 lbs. level 7.

Thanks much for your opinion!

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I've skied the MX78 and several pre-rocker Blizzards around the 7.6; the 8.1 and the Supersonic and the G-Power. I'd say the MX78, although the 8.1 is ballpark. But the 7.6 is supposedly a slightly milder 8.1, so likely not so close. The 7.6 will be lighter and somewhat less demanding, I'd predict. The MX78 felt like a wider RX, FWIW. Charges, but wants some attention to detail. Dawgcatching has probably skied both, if you want to PM him. 

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So does that apply to the MX88 as well, i.e. the stiffness (relative to the Blizzard 7.6)?

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