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ADVICE - East coast 1 ski wonder

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I am:

39yrs old, semi-agressive, enjoy off piste stuff more but have to ski on trails/ice also because of conditions. I like to make quick turns and like to ski anything steep and stupid :)



East cost - ski primarily Killington, Mt.Snow, Strat, Mad River, Magic, etc..


5'10 167lbs currenly on 2010 Atomic Blackeye Ti 170mm skis. (2010) advanced skier (ski any trail on any mt including 1x year visits out west). The skis have been good to me.



Problem: Looking for a little more float in crud and pow. Also, my current skis are on the last leg; I'll be lucky they survive the rest of this year (core shots, binding pieces broken, etc) so I can't really wait until next year for a demo.


Price is a strong consideration. Looking for 88-92ish under foot.


Any ideas? Links would be helpful if you know of somthing on sale that would be a good fit for me. Thanks in advance.

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Good luck finding one before next season, but the Blizzard 8.5ti's are amazing skis.  They float surprisingly well for a short and "narrow" ski and they're a capable bump ski (assuming you are a capable bump skier -- they'll let you know if you mess up).


I probably have a half-dozen days in mine at Stowe and Sugarbush, and I haven't found something that they don't do well.  Short turns, long turns, powder, ice, bumps, etc.  I am an awful tree skier, but a friend of mine who skis glades a lot uses the 8.5ti's and loves them as well.


I'm 6'2", 170lbs, level 8.5 or so.  I'm on the 174cm length.

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I'd also put the Volkl Kendo and Line Prophet on your list to check out. If you can wait until next season, the Blizzard Brahma are supposed to be "the" east coast one ski quiver. The Kendos are the stiffest of the three. 

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Someone here has a Kastle mx88 for sale in 173 -- recent posting.  I've never skied them, but they are supposed to be the bees knees.  If you buy them, you'll save me from myself.

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Walked out of the shop with Rossi S3's. They were used 1x by the owner himeself; so they looked brand new.


This ski makes me look like a beast. I can't believe how good this ski really is. Amazing in the bumps, crud, ice, galdes, groomers, everything. The most important thing: THEY ARE FUN!


Yes, I am having a blast on them so far and can't wait to rip them again.


HIGHLY recommended. I almost feel like I stole them : $399 plus they tuned my other skis for free...

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