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Whistler & Banff Combined Trip in February?

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Hi, first time posting here.  My fiance and I are planning on a trip to Whistler for February 2014.  We have about 12 days at our disposal and so I thought, why not do a combined trip to Whistler and Banff, rather than spend all our time one place. My first question is, would 7 days/6 nights be enough to get everything out of Whistler and all that it has to offer?  We both enjoy big mountains and a lively apré ski atmosphere so we definitely want to make Whistler our primary destination.


Secondly, would the ~9 hour drive from Whistler to Banff be worth doing in February?  We'd love to see the Canadian Rockies so I thought driving would be a great way to do that.  Also, is there a good probability that the weather might not be greatest to be doing a long-haul drive in February?  We're from New England so we're both familiar with how to drive in bad weather but wasn't sure if anyone would strongly suggest against it.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Many thanks.

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I don't know that area very well but you migth want to consider not going as far as Banff (especially since you either have to drive back or arrange for leaving from a different airport from the one you arrived at). Maybe stoping around big white/silverstar/sunpeaks/revelstoke should be considered (i'm personally a big fan of revelstoke).


also you should know some of the passes close for avalanche control and that can make the trip longer as you have to wait for it to open again.



hope that helps

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Good to know about the avalanches and I'll have to check out Revelstoke.  Thanks for the input! 

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i have driven in the Banff/Golden area. The roads were "white"

with some snow and ice in the Banff area. Dont expect alot of

black pavement. I am from California so it was unusual for

me. I had a 4WD and it handled well at 50 mph. The roads

near Kicking Horse and Revelstoke are subject to Avalanche closures.

Keep this in mind. It was a beautiful driving. 

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I'd look into doing some closer resorts before doing that trip. BC is loaded with huge resorts, and you're going to pass most of them if you drive to Banff. I'd consider linking some of the other resorts - Revelstoke, Sun Peaks, Kicking Horse, etc. etc. Or do the Banff side, which is a little closer to fly into, and you can easily link Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Mount Norquay, add others if you want, and take some time to explore the national park - absolutely beautiful. 


That part of the world is so packed with great skiing and outdoor activities, I personally wouldn't want to spend that much time driving sketchy, slick mountain roads, especially if you plan to drive back and fly out of Vancouver. 

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