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FS: Kastle MX88 skis, 168cm with K12 cti bindings - $695 shipped

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I bought these at the beginning of the 2011-2012 season, skied them for about 10 days, and I've got the bug to try something else but don't have deep enough pockets to keep these.


A few notes on the condition of the skis:

 - Small 1/2 inch chip on the tail of one ski (right one in the picture), only affects the top sheet, but got it sealed with epoxy just to be sure no further damage occurred.  Otherwise, top sheets are in great shape compared to other used Kastles with chips galore.

 - Bindings on one ski (left one in the picture) were originally drilled in the wrong spot by the shop I bought the skis from.  You can see the two tiny holes just below the toe piece and just below the heel piece that were filled and sealed.  Otherwise, the skis have only been drilled once, so the structure/integrity of the ski is not impacted.  Fitted for 305 BSL but can be adjusted without remount.

 - Edges and bases are in good shape.  No repairs have been needed.  There are some scratches on the base from normal use, but I would imagine a grind would take care of that


Asking for $695 shipped.  I live in CT and travel about the area frequently, could also do a local pickup if you are in the NY/NJ/CT area, would give you a $50 discount.  Let me know if you have any questions.



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Out of curiosity what ski is so good you would sell the mighty MX88 to try it? They'll have to pry mine from my cold dead fingers. I do have other skis in the quiver both wider and narrower, but these would be the last to go.

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Before I get into it, I'll say that I sold them to a friend so they are off the table anyway.


But I'll fill you in regardless...just don't rip on me too much.  I really do love the MX88, it's an incredible ski.  On groomers and in crud, it's plain fantastic.  However, I just always felt like I had to work so damn hard all day to get the most out of these skis.  I'm 5'6" 150lbs, so not the biggest guy in the world.  In bumps, I feel like the stiffness would kick me in the backseat a lot.  I also found them a little cumbersome in tight trees.  So basically I'm looking for something that's a bit more playful.  I thought that if I can get a good chunk of money back on the MX88s, it would pay for a brand new pair of skis.   I've got the carving ski covered with an old pair of Stockli Spirit Pros, and thanks to dawgcatching, I ordered a pair of Elan 888s for dirt cheap.  And hey, worst case scenario is I ski these for a season or two, pass them along, and move on to my next ski.  At least it's cheaper than demoing 25 days a year

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