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Vacation planning idea

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My big ski trips are few and far between unfortunately (one/year). Sure i get some days at mammoth/tahoe here and there but once per year my buddy and I travel to the Rockies for 3-4 days. Last year was Taos. Had a blast but no powder days. This year will be Alta March 2-5. im sure we will have a blast again but it looks like its gonna be a BC trip (bumps and crud).


So my idea for next years trip is to take a week off work (around end Feb / begin March to assure a decent base) and NOT commit to a location or the exact dates ie. beginning/middle/end of that week. Then as the week approaches Ill be keepin a very close eye on the weather and decide last minute the location and dates of the trip. Ill have a few places in mind that cover the ENTIRE Rockies (taos south, LCC mid, bridger north, and kicking horse way north). The place needs to be fairly accessible out of LAX, decent transportation from airport, have lodging options, awesome terrain, and low crowds.  


my goal is one thing and one thing only.... POW. Ive checked flight rates flying last minute and they seem to be only $100 more. I figure the places listed will prob have lodging available last minute since its non-holiday. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this matter regarding planning, location, or any other ideas. thanks



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I am planning to do something similar next year.  I live overseas and will fly into Seattle in early January but not make any onward bookings until the last minute based on snow conditions.  I've prioritized the potential destinations as follows:


1.  Power Highway

2.  Utah

3.  Jackson Hole /GT

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Low budget version of this given a whole week instead of a weekend is to just get in the car and drive. Gives you complete flexibility to range about a 1000 miles from OC. Leave Friday night from OC and either go to Mammoth/Tahoe, NM, UT or southwest CO. Since you have a whole week you could sample a couple of those areas by using a midweek rest day to drive and relocate; i. e., drive Fri night and Sat to first destination, ski Sun/Mon/Tues, drive Wed to second destination, ski Thurs/Fri/Sat drive back to OC Sat evening and Sun. Or just stay all week at first destination if snow is excellent. This might not guarantee powder, but probably relatively superior conditions.
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