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Naming ski runs?

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I don't know if this has been done before but.....

On a recent ski trip the subject of naming ski runs after skiers that have passed away came up.


We have lost quite a few skiers in recent years.

I was just wondering if anyone else thought this might be a good way to never forget them. 

This might also be a way for others to get to know who they were and what they did for skiing.

And in some cases learn from their mistake.

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I can think of a few--McConkey's at Squaw, Bernie's Bowl at Alpine Meadows.Stuies at Whistler. Lachenal at Brevent in Chamonix.

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I had a great friend that was loved by everyone.  He has one at Highlands and one on Ajax, were they've hung his boots as a shrine.


RIP Henry!

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Dave's Drop at Bretton Woods is named after their deceased long time Patrol Director. 

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Do Mt Lincoln and Mt Disney at Sugar Bowl count? They're both pretty dead. Also Hellman's Chute at Sugar Bowl (although that was named before Warren Hellman died).

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Rogers Run at Georgian Peaks in Ontario... I'm guessing it's named after Ted Rogers. There are probably a few of those in Canada.


Get this: Sylvain Saudan complained that a run was named after him on Blackcomb. It was renamed to Couloir Extreme. 


Another run named after a person at Whistler includes Seppo's and McConkey's on Whistler... I imagine that the Garbanzo Lift Line run, named after the chair, is named after a person but I'm not sure who. 

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Emily's run at Heavenly



Perhaps ironically though, people tend to still ski on this run very fast, definitely fast enough that wiping out could mean death.  So I don't know if any lessons have been learned...

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Not all deceased yet, but:


Stevens Pass:

Nancy and Bobby Chutes

The Annies

Wild Katz

Schim's Meadows

Kerr's Chair


Mt. Baker:


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Almost every ski area in the country probably has a trail or two named after some key individual associated with the place; sometimes founders, local heroes, or natives who accomplished much in the greater ski world.

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Local Skier who was killed in Iraq-Bobby's Freedom Run at Dodge Ridge CA.

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Originally Posted by Metaphor_ View Post


Another run named after a person at Whistler includes . . . McConkey's on Whistler...

Not Shane, though, but Jim--a Whistler local.

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A ton of our trails are named this way.
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At Sun Valley, several runs are named after local Winter Olympians. My favorite name: Picabo's Street

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Originally Posted by Bill Miles View Post

At Sun Valley, several runs are named after local Winter Olympians. My favorite name: Picabo's Street

She's still alive I hope.

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