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Where to rent skis in telluride

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I'm going to be skiing in Telluride with friends for spring break.


I bought boots from BootDoctors in Taos in January, and am planning on going in to their Telluride location to have some more adjustments made.


The rest of the group is renting their equipment from Christy's in the village, but I am planning on demoing skis at Bootdoctors. Does anybody have any insight into how much of a hassle this is going to be? (ie how far apart the two stores are/proximity to lifts and parking)? 


I've never skied telluride and am not familiar with the area. Thanks for any input!

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Boot Doctors has their main store in the Mountain Village, which also has a big rental shop.  It is very near Christy's, and about a hundred yards from the bottom of lift 4 and the gondola.  You do not need a car in Telluride.  Once you get there you will not be driving. You can walk or take the free shuttle or gondola anywhere you need to go.

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BD opens at 8, so you can get your skis there, get on the gondola right across the street and then up to Christy's. Why is the rest of the group set on Christy's though? Telluride sports is right across the street from Bootdoctor's and next to the ticket window, so that might be a better and more convenient option.

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Their house is in Ourey so I think we will be driving and parking in the village.


I am a guest and the host has used Christy's in the past, so that is what they are recommending for the rest of the group.


I'm planning on sticking to Boot Doctors since I will be getting work done there even though I bought the boots in Taos. I feel like it would be good to give their location some of my business. I also had a very good experience with them in Taos.

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Coming from Ouray it would be a little easier and free to park in town, but more hassle to get to the Mt. Village Core from there.  If you are driving up to the Mt. Village you will need to park in the parking ramp ($5).  From there you take the short mini-link of the Gondola to the Village Core area.  Just walk down the stairs, take a right and you'll be heading through the plaza towards the Boot Doctors. Your friends will take a left turn in the plaza and go under the bridge to the Inn at Lost Creek Hotel which houses Christy's, which is the equivalent of less than a one block walk.  Once they have their stuff they can ski down to the lift, but you'll need to walk 100 yrds. back across the plaza.  It's all very close, and they have maps on the T-ride web site.


If you have never been to Telluride it will undoubtedly blow your mind.  It has been a thin snow year and their base sucked until last weekend when they got over 3 feet, and now it's skiing very nicely all over the mountain.  Still plenty of rocks to hit it if you ski the steep stuff, so be sure and pay the couple extra bucks for base insurance on your rentals if you plan on skiing anything other than groomers.

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