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Sorry so long but I'm including lots of background info here.


I realize you can't see my feet online but thought I'd get some opinions.  I recently got fitted for a pair of Lange RX 100's at Boot Doctors in Telluride.  The first day I skied on them they felt a bit tight, but I really didn't get any pain until late in the day.  The biggest thing I noticed was too much arch support in the custom footbeds and some pain in the "6th toe" area.  I have a wide forefoot so the 6th toe pain wasn't a surprise, my previous boots were stretched in this area.  It's worth noting that my old boots were not sized properly, the new pair was 2 sizes smaller so I expected some tightness in the new pair and skied through it on day 1.  At the end of the day I went back and had the arches flattened out but the shop didn't stretch the forefoot, they suspected that since the pain didn't come until late in the day it was likely a reaction to the new, smaller size and once the liners packed out a bit they'd be OK.


Forward to day 2 which wasn't fun.  I noticed early in the day that my boots were uncomfortable in 3 areas: arches, 6th toe and the bone on top of my foot (forgot the name).  The pain on top of my foot felt like a pressure point and localized pain, nothing major.  I went into the shop and to my surprise I had a hard time getting my right foot out of the boot without pain from what felt like a pinched nerve.  The pain would shoot down from near the bone on the top of my foot to the 2nd and 3rd toes.  I didn't feel this shooting pain while skiing but when bending the foot and trying to squeeze out of the boot it was very painful, I actually needed assistance from the fitter to get out.  They flattened the arches some more, stretched the forefoot and took out some material from the liners on top of the foot.  My forefoot and arches seemed to be OK after that but I had pain all day long on the top of the foot and numerous visits to the shop did not resolve it.  It was easily noticable when my feet were hanging from a chair which maximized the pressure on top of my foot.


Forward to today, more than a week after my trip and the 2 days of fitting, trial and error.  I now have occassional pain in the same nerve when I put weight on my foot a certain way as I walk around the house barefoot.  This is something I never had before wearing these boots, not even one single instance that I can remember.  I can't really replicate the pain on demand but if I put pressure on the top of my foot with a thumb or finger and rub around I can sometimes catch the nerve and replicate a bit of a tingle sensation but it's not as painful.  I'm concerned that wearing my boots these couple of days has done some sort of damage to my foot.  I had hope this would go away when out of the boots for awhile but it's been almost 2 weeks now.


Any suggestions as to what may have caused this and what I can do?  I will likely go to the doctor to get this checked out.  I'm also worried that I just dropped $800 on boots and footbeds that I might not be able to wear but that is secondary to my foot health.  Bootdoctors does offer free adjustments for 2 years but since I live in Texas and only do 1-2 trips per year it's unlikely I'll take advantage of that, and I won't be able to try the boots again until next year.