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Props to Dawgcatching!

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I just wanted to send out a positive vibe to Scott and on my recent purchase.  I ordered a pair of Cochise 185 this past Tuesday and had them in hand on Friday afternoon.  Everything was perfect with them, bindings centered and on the line for my bsl.  I was surprised they arrived so quickly and had them on the snow the next day at Sugarbowl.


As for the rocks!  We only had a couple inches of fresh, so it was dust on crust till the sun got to it, but for a 108 under foot it handled really well.  It is definitely a ski to stay on top of and get it going speed wise. On the groomer and firm snow, it was ok, would I rather have my 78's underfoot...sure, but I still had the new ski novelty and was determined to test it out.  Once I found some soft snow these skis came alive.  The faster I went the better they felt, truly a confidence building ski.  I'm definitely not an expert ski reviewer, but they felt stiff until I got them moving, after that they were smooth and felt great over a variety of snow conditions on the day.  In time, I'll post up more feedback on the ski....


Overall, I'm super pleased with everything and again I want to say thanks to Dawgcatching for the excellent deal and service!  I couldn't be more happy about the new ride!


Thanks man,


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I've purchased a couple pairs of skis from Scott over the last few years and always been happy dealing with him.  He's a great addition to this place as both a retailer and a reviewer.  icon14.gif

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