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Ski/Back country Binding issue at the resort

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Hi all,

I have the Black Diamond Eagle AT binding on a pair of Fischer Koa skis (126/84/112) size is 159CM. using a Salomon downhill boot.

Issue 1:

on hard pack, groomer- my left ski in particular goes wacky on the fast downhill. It starts loosing control and swaying from side to side espeically going fast on the straight away. I can feel a difference between the left and right, where this left ski- I feel less power and weight on the ski.. and assume this is causing the poor control of the ski. The repair shop said this is due to using a BC BINDING ON A resort ski, so this is to be expected. BUT it does not happen most of the time. I;m a good skiing and this actually wast not an issue when there is some power - like a few inches_ but today it was all wind blown so I stuck to groomers and this was an issue all day. HELP!!!


Second Issue- i just puchased new fat skis- Line Pandora- and puchased the Black Diamond Fritchi Freeride Pro. I am concerned I am going to have the same issue, but with the fatter skis, it should be ok. I am more worried about the abouve Issue 1 for the upcoming spring skiing season.


Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to stop the swaying ski and get it more under control? I feel like the left foot needs a weight to help it stay in more control.



Another note

I purchased AT Boots- Dynafit Zzero- issue with the boots in the forward lean is very uncomfortable for me to ride in as I like to be able to stand up sometimes so my quads don't take all of the weight. Are all AT boots like this and is there anything I can do to adjust the Dyafit boot for a more upright feel?


Any advice on any of these would be SOO appreciated so my new skis and bindings arrive this week!!



Nicole K

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Has the shop verified the binding is setup correct? Never used BD/Fritschi so I am not sure how forward pressure is handled (does it have fwd pressure even), but something could be off.


In general, those Fritschi/Dailmer designs are regarded has have poor hard snow/resort performance, worse than Dynafit tech bindings even. If you are going to have two pairs of skis and want the option to tour on them, I would put Marker Barons/Dukes on one pair (can take AT or alpine boots, good downhill performance) and a proper touring binding on the other (I would choose Dynafit not Fritschi).

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Do you always put the same ski on your left leg? It sounds more like you aren't keeping your left ski engaged as you run it flat and so it wanders. I imagine that binding type might have a tiny affect on this, but it seems likely that technique plays a bigger role.


I've done inbounds skin laps with Naxos, which are about the last thing you'd want for inbounds skiing, and don't notice your problem (though I rarely straightline in them at speed for durability reasons).

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MarcusBrody is on to something. If you switch skis does the problem stay with the same ski or same leg? If the former, then the ski/binding might be at fault. If the latter, then it could be your and/or your boot alignment. Plus, high speeds and a sub 160cm ski with a very tight turning radius is inherently unstable going fast and straight anyway.
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You guys rock. I always get such helpful tips. I will try that idea with switching out the skis. For my other setup, I decided not to go with the Fritchi due to durability issues and try out the new Salomon Guardian 16. they are heavy but I am not into long day tours either. 

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