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Deer Valley Help

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Trail names for easier blues (if cant remember trails, how about the lift u took) thanks!!
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Wasatch lift .  Nabob, Keno, Legal Tender.   Seem to remember they have nice on-mountain guides for questions and advice.  And of course, the joke about DV is that it's so glam that even the on-hill ambassadors will even offer to fall for you . !!  ROTF.gif duck.gif  But honestly at DV, all the blues are pretty tame, very nice cruisers.  Took the better 1/2 there for first time skiing in Rockies and she did great.  I then selfishly "graduated" her to Jackson Hole for next trip where she also did great after her DV warm up. 


Turkey chili for lunch on hill is a MUST . 

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The easiest blues are primarily on Flagstaff Mountain.  Basically anything with a single blue square designation is going to be fine.  There are also some easier blues on the lower (Bald Eagle Mountain).  Please pay attention to the single blue/double blue distinction as a number of the double blues are relatively steep.

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Northside Exrpress lift is perfect for easy Blue's.

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Thanks all! I didn't see your responses until today (after the fact). One of the "ski ambassadors" did not offer to fall for me, but did point me to the blues off Northside Express. Hawkeye and Lost Boulder were great. I thought the runs off Carpenter were too icy and since they were narrow too many people going thru at hi speed (I am an intermediate skier, learned late and have not been skiing in 8 years). Success, a green trail was pretty difficult for me yesterday and I kind of freaked out. think I remember Beaver Creek to be a little more my speed, but maybe I just forgot. I got my groove back today. Thanks so much. You'd think 3 of my friends who were just here would be helpful (ummm, that would be a No). I definitely am glad I am not a beginner here.
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