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Salomon STL jackets

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Why do we only consider hard goods as gear? Last year I picked up a Salomon STL jacket on a whim and the recommendation of a good friend. It quickly displaced my Arc'teryx Gore-Tex jackets as my primary ski attire.

STL stands for Soft Technical Layer. It is a Schoeller stretch fabric that is fleeced on the inside and treated with a high tech DWR on the outside. This makes a jacket that is lightly insulating, water & wind resistant that stretches. Salomon makes it in a few different models. Mine is a full jacket without a hood. They make vests, hooded jackets and pants from the fabric as well.

This season Arc'teryx is offering jackets in similar fabrics made by a supplier other than Schoeller. I am certain other manufacturers are making similar garments as well. I highly recommend them.

You can use these as outer as well as insulating layers. I find them best suited to outer layer use - largely because I have a huge stock of lightweight fleece and other insulating layers.

I find that I can use my STL jacket in conditions that are about 90% as extreme as those requiring Gore-Tex or eVent. But it breathes better and stretches. That makes it more comfortable in 90% of the conditions I encountered last season. Since it is water & wind resistant it sheds snow, fog condensation, light to medium rain and light to medium wind. When the wind or rain get heavy I find it keeps me comfortable for enough time to get to my true foul weather gear.

If you have a full compliment of foul weather ski gear or you choose to stay inside when the weather is truly foul you should look at adding a jacket like this one to your arsenal. They are typically more expensive than an insulating layer but far less expensive than Gore-Tex or eVent garments.

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I'm getting one of these this year, probably the Cloudveil. Last year I skied in my windstopper jacket all year and it was warm (with suitable mid/base layers) and VERY comfy. My Gore Tex stayed in the car all year
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