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  I am a new skier with about 8 trips under my belt all together. I am from NJ and have only skied camelback in PA and windham in NY. Although I am new I feel like I'm learned fairly quickly. The last time I went out I only skied the blacks and double blacks (granted, the double black at camelback is probably more of a true blue.) After watching a few instructional videos and doing a little research I dedicated my last trip on working on my technique, mainly actually carving and not skidding and not leaning back which is sort of a habit.


 I'm now looking to buy some skis. I've skied the 2006 seth vicious179 and had the most fun with those. The were stable at speed and I felt like I can control them and turn them as I pleased. I'm guessing the twin tip and flexibility(dampness?) were the reason why I found them to be so user friendly. I felt when I mad a mistake like leaning back too far or failing to anticipate well enough and having to turn quickly they were forgiving. This is strange since they are listed as "advanced" skis and many of the rentals I've used were very difficult for me and they are considered beginner skis.


 What I'm looking for is a larger ski waist wise (between 80 and 98 maybe) that has a slightly playful feel so that I can turn easily. Some of the rentals I've used seemed to track into the snow too much and the sidecut made to ski turn for me. So something with a little less sidecut, good stability in crappy conditions and easy to initiate turns is what I'm looking for. There are just so many options I dont know where to start. Many of the skis I've looked at like the mantra and the mythic riders, I've been told, will punish me for my rookie mistakes. Is this because those skis are reinforced with metal? What are some things I should be looking for in a ski as far as materials, construction or dimensions should I be looking for? will twin tip skis or skis with rocker in the front and or back be easier to maneuver? Can anyone recommend a specific ski?


I know this is a loaded question and you guys have probably answered it a million times but I would really appreciate and advice or recommendations.Thanks in advance. 


Btw, I am 6' 195 lbs.