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Retiring the Volkl 5 Stars - ANY RECOMMENDATIONS?

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Hello All.

I've been through your site looking to find a ski to replace my Volkl 5 stars for my one ski quiver.

I am looking for a one ski to make it all work. East coast, west coast, bumps, powder, park, groomers...

A ski and binding package is fine as well.

No price limit but looking for off the shelf, not custom brands.


Whoosh there is a lot for me to learn... I've been checked out of ski gear and development for 10 years now.

And yes, The MX88 will be tried.

I'm an ex racer, was world ranked, and fast fall line bump skier.

I love really big air, cliffs and rocks, deep pow, crud, corduroy and everything that lays below me.

I can hit everything in the park but avoid rail grinds as I just can't do that to my edges (just yet....)

I love the big SG carve, tight fast slalom turns on super hardpack, and will WFO it up to big speed when the hill is clear and open.


I'm 6' tall, 175 lbs.

I usually ski with a backpack with drink and food for the family...and forget to stash it. Free extra workout I guess.

The Volkls I have now are 175cm, 16.8 radius, 68mm underfoot, and I have a size 10 Lange.


So far the 5 stars have been able to handle everything I have throw at them.

Not too wide for fall line bump smashing - the tips absorb backside bumps well.

They obviously turn quickly and mid-bump airs land controllably. I love the bumps.

The skis are great for me in pow. I've demo'd some fatties with trad camber and rocker up in Alaska for fun, but the Volkls are super for area pow. Open slopes powder or tight trees powder they rock for me. 

I am a big fan of sinking in the pow, looking for the elusive face shot, getting chesties while the floaters never let you sink in below the knees.

I've no problem with the sink and float back up with these skis.

They are a lot of work in the wet crud here in Cailfornia for sure, but a bit more speed always seems to cure that.

They are predictable under super G loads and never squirrely.

And can make great fall line slalom turns.


My question is: I should stay with a race carver or go with an all mountain ski?

I love the race carves I have now but I know a wider underfoot ski will be easier to rip in most of the places I go.

I understand the rocker concept in theory and action, but until I get a pair up to super g speed on groomers, I won't have a definitive answer.

And I am super concerned with an all mountain ski's behavior in the bumps.

What should I demo, try or outright buy right away?


Thanks for the input and links to other discussions.

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Welcome to EpicSki.  I think you should probably demo some skis, particularly ones with rocker so you know what it feels like, although my guess is that you won't be fond of full rocker, probably more comfortable with camber and tip rocker, possibly tail rocker also( or early rise, whatever each maker calls it).  There are a couple of skis that I think you should try, Nordica Fire Arrow 84 EDT and the Fire Arrow 80 Pro.  I haven't skied the 80 but I spent some time on the 84 EDT last week and it really rips.  It has a bit of early rise to make it easier to but through crud but I could not see any tip bouncing on hardpack at all, no matter the speed.  You would probably want the 176 which has an 18m radius and it's 84mm underfoot.  You need to bring all your skills to the party with this ski or it will treat you badly, but from your description you should have no problem.  You can read Nordica's description at http://shop.nordicausa.com/Product/1001%2012%20FIREARROWEDT%2084%20BLK/fire-arrow-fire-arrow-84-edt  If you ski the Tahoe area, contact Starthaus in Truckee because they just might have one you can demo.  I'm going to be selling three pairs of skis and this is one of the two replacements for next season.  The FA 80 is the third ski down in the Fire Arrow line and might be something you like, but I suspect it is quite a different ski from the 84.

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Thanks. I appreciate the info.

I'll look in on the Nordicas. They look fun.

Wonder how that tip profile will deal with bump faces.

Wood and two sheets of metal. MMMMM and Wow.

Their website is not all that helpful. I'll search for more info on it. Can't find the early rise/camber info.

I was also thinking of the Kaestle RX 12 after looking more into the MX88.

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As one that really liked the Five Stars(I still have a pair,) I would strongly recommend the Volkl RTM 84 in a 176cm. They are extremely versatile. Demo them and see.

Good luck !!

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I skied Volkl Platinums, then Five Stars, then Six Stars.

Plus a small pile of race skis like Race Tigers.

Loved them all.

Kastle RX is now suiting me just fine.

Going to add some 98's this spring I think.

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What are 98's? mm or brand model?

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I'd recommend trying the Volkl Mantra. It's a bit sluggish in bumps but it's not horrible and it does everything else really well. Another one you might want to try to get ahold of is the Fischer Hybrid 8.0 or 9.0, I'm doing a season-long demo of the 8.0 and have been really surprised by it's guts and versatility.

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If you want to stay with a versatile carver, consider the Fischer Progressor 900 or 10+.

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You might also look at Nordica Steadfast or Hell & Back.  I'm a big Volkl fan and loved both of those skis.  A little more versatile than the mantra and carve very well.

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Thank you all for the recco's. I'm pouring through reviews and web info now.

I feel like I'm moving from cathode tube to digital LED in a nano.

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