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Hi all, I'm new here & have a bit of a dilemma in regards to my older model salvage them for possibly me or my husband, try to sell them or add them to the enormous pile of scrapped skis in hopes of being a come-back ski or a recycled chair somewhere....My background info:10 years ago, I was a decent intermediate (self-titled "leisure") skiier who stayed on the grooms: blues & greens & 1-2 blacks. Skiied mostly in Austria & Italy (learned on ice:). Then moved to Eastern Washington state & found myself re-learning how to ski powder while on groomed ez runs. My skis are Dynastar Agyl Plus (think 2000 or 2001), 163 cm, 103-66-88 & barely used. Outdated marker bindings that will need to be replaced. Now, I would like to get back into it with my family  as a skiing Mom. I went for first time in 10 yrs this season, on rentals. Everything felt new including chattery rentals, but by end of the day it was coming back...I am 5'4" (or163cm) & wonder if my skis are too long? Should I keep them in case I advance? Are they really east-coast skis? I can't find much info about them...Should I save them for my kids? Let my huband ski them? He hasn't skied either in 10 yrs, at 5'7" & 210 lbs but will need some wide boots (105mm)... Any info would be greatlly appreciated! P.S. On a budget, skiing for a family of 4 takes on a whole new dimension.