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Old volkl GS boards did not survive the most recent trip and have to replace.  Can anyone offer meaningful feedback which would compare the Racetiger Speedwall GS vs. the Stocki Laser CX and SX?  I'm on a new pair of Volkl SL and they're a great short-mid turning ski.  So effective I used them as a SL and GS ski for the beer league and enjoyed reasonable success (it's the engine not the machine).  I'm familiar to the Volkl product and some of the guys I ski with use the Volkl GS as an all mountain.  This is an interesting sticking point.  The older Volkl's were too stiff to enjoy as a long/medium turning ski all day.  I've also noticed a softer side to the SL's when compared to the older models.  Thoughts? 


Dawgcatching did a excellent review of the Stockli's along with a suite of sub-88's last year, and I have used this as a reference point.  Based on his assessment it seems like both the CX and SX appear to be a wolf in sheep's clothing where the more the skier gives, the more the ski gives back.  


Again thoughts about comparing the Volkl against the Stockli?