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03' Dynastar Inspired Big vs. Nobis?

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From the Dynastar web site, it looks as if these two skis are the same except for the graphics. Does anyone know if there are any differences in these two skis? Thanks. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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One difference is cost. The Super Nobis comes in at a suggested price of over 1000 bucks. Both skis are similar in dimensions but the Nobis has a bit less sidecut. It only comes in a 194 length. I haven't skied it but it sounds like it's for BIG MOUNTAIN skiing at BIG MOUNTAIN SPEEDS. I have skied the Inspired and I like it a lot. It's my type of ski - easy to initiate turns, requiring a light touch. It's made for powder and chop with a cup of trees. Mix thoroughly and enjoy.
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To my understanding from the Dynastar rep in my area the two skis are constructionally identical. The Nobis is more expensive due to the richer, limited edition graphics.
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There are two skis labled Nobis.
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I posed this same question about a week ago and didn't get a response. Anyway, according to the Skiing Magazine reviews, the Inspired has a 89mm waist. The Super Nobis has a 90mm waist and the tip and tail dimensions are a little bit different. According to the review they are a little bit stiffer and better for straightlining. The review also added that the Nobis' actual skis are a little bit stiffer than the Super Nobis. The review says they were both tested in the 188cm length. I'm interested in the Super's in the 188 because I'm currently riding a pair of XXX's in the 195's. I just had knee surgery a day and a half ago and I'm thinking this season would probably be a good season to jump down to a smaller length without losing the stiffness that my XXX's have.
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The Super Nobisis the actual model jeremy rides on, only come in a 194, and it has to special ordered. The Nobis Inspired is basically the Intuitive Big from last year, just alittle stiffer than the big.

If you ski AK, BC or ny other backcuntry on a regural basis hucking 40 footers like it ain't no thing, go with the super nibis, but if you want it for around the resort mainly and a little backcountry go with the Nobis InSpired. I hope this clears up the confusion, Dynastar put the Nobis name on it to sell more of them, it still a great ski though. I ski on Volkl V-Pros and Vs but Dynastars makes really solid tough skis.
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Super is in 194 only, Bigger, stiffer, fatter, and more money.
nobis and big, same thing differnt top sheets
178 nobis/big and 178 little big fat, same dimensions, LBF has a different base, and is lacking a ti sheet in it and costs lots less.
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From what I have been led to believe, while there are graphics for the Big for this year, Dynastar is not continuing the ski in the US. So, what you have for this year is the Inspired and the Super Nobis.

I haven't tried the Super, but I'm not very impressed with the inspired. I prefer the 194 Bigs- but my assumption is that the inspired skis similar to the 188 Bigs (which I have never skied.)
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i know this is a long time after the original post, but i have found a good deal on the inspired's. i'm 5'10, 165lbs, an advanced skier and ski in colorado. i have a pair of volkl 724 ax3 in 170 for everyday use but also want some powder skis. would the dynastar inspired's or intuitiv big in 168 be too short or would they be sweet as? time is of the essense, so any help would really be appreciated.
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intuitiv bigs/inspired is one helluva ski! totally rips, if you are looking for a powder ski and found a deal, go for it. though, the 168 sounds a little short for you, especially if you are leaning towards powder. i'd say try to find the next size up. you can try demoing the legend 8800 in a few different sizes, it is essentially the same exact ski.
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