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atomic 9.22's

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what do ya'll think of atomic beta ride 9.22's? are they any good on the steep? or the deap? the crud? bumps? corderoy? is it better to ride a longer length?

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I demoed the 9.22 for 3 days at Mammoth last season and was so impressed, I purchased a new pair for this season.

If you read all the reviews, the 9.22 (midfat) is known for doing everything rather well...powder, courd, etc. But to me, what really stood out about the ski was its ability to slash its way through crud. It was like a whole new experience for me because I had previously been only on carving skiis.

The edge grip on the BetaRide 9.22 is also fantastic in icy conditions.

I'm 5'10"/180lbs and first tried 170's which were nice, but on steeper hardpack they began to chatter. I was simply too heavy. I tried the 180's and it's been heaven ever since.

If you do go for the 9.22 (or any other great Atomic ski), make sure you go with the r:4.12 or 6.14 bindings. You really need to try these skiis for a day and you won't be sorry...

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yes (for a midfat, as opposed to a dedicated bump ski)
yes (for a midfat, as opposed to a dedicated racer or race carver)
no (I have a 170cm for my 145lbs., so along w/ nine11always’s rec you can extrapolate to any other skier weights)
But as for binding, the best choice is the Fritschi Diamir!
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ok, thats interesting Jonathan.

nine11-- sounds great thanks for the help! I hate crud(who doesn't) you ski alot at mammoth? I'm going there this winter because my freind moved out to work there. so whats it like??

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Mammoth is a very special place.

I could tell you the usual details, like "great terrain for all abilities" and "superior lifts" etc., but it's much more than that.

First of all, Mammoth is a very scenic place located in the Eastern Sierras. The famous "Minarets" – off to skiers left – kind of oversee the mountain with their beautiful towering formations. The area is surrounded by lakes (hence Mammoth Lakes) and Yosemite is close by.

The aprés on the mountain is very good and laid back. Make sure you check out the Yodler adjacent to Main Lodge and next to the Mammoth Mountain Inn (but if you get there after 5pm good luck finding a seat). Canyon Lodge has a decent bar (indoors) but is epic outdoors in the afternoon.

Generally, Mammoth is a pretty low-key place, on the hill and in town. Though Intrawest wants to make it very resort-ish (West coast Vail), and is packed with people from SoCal (like me), it's a pretty down-to-earth atmosphere where the locals generally accept visitors with open arms and are friendly. I hope that lasts.

As for the skiing and riding, what do you like? Boulevards of courd? Mammoth's grooming team is recognized as one of the best in the country.

- Glades? Check out the trees on Dragons Back and Lincoln Mtn. (chairs 9 and 22).

-Steeps? The whole upper mountain is Black and Dbl Black. Check out Climax, Upper Dry Creek and Viva for starters.

-Chutes? Your lucky day! Try Avalanche Chutes 1&2, Wipe Out Chutes and Philipee's (gnarly).

-Powder Days? Anywhere of the top (via Gondola or Chair 23) and Lincoln Mountain (I like Shaft), off Chair 22

-The instruction is also widely known as tops.

There's also a great backside to the mountain as well.

So, in a nutshell, nobody goes to Mammoth to be seen. You go for the incredible terrain and low-key attitude. All the jerks from L.A. (I live in L.A., I can say that) aren't in love with the sport to make the 5-6 hour drive. You'll find them at the lame local (SoCal) hills.

The best online resource I've found for familiarizing yourself with Mammoth (the Mountain and town) is here:

Other good resources are here:


Have a great time. BTW, this is the longest post I think I've ever written about anything. THAT is how much I love Mammoth!

-Fernando Montes [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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sounds cool, thanks for all the info. sounds great.
whats the snow like in early febuary?(since thats when I'll probably being going out) several people I know say that mammoth is alot better than the "vail resorts" of colorado, which is where I usually ski. I don't know if youve skiied there or not, but if you have what would be your opinion.

thanks :
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No, I've never been to Colorado – though I have been to Utah. What many people say is that the snow is heavier in the Sierra's, no champagne. Trust me, the snow is wonderful, especially when it gets wind-blown.

In February conditions should be at their peak with full coverage everywhere right through April.

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thanks :
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Originally posted by funkybob:
ok, thats interesting Jonathan.

nine11-- sounds great thanks for the help! I hate crud(who doesn't) Dan
I don't. But I'm begginning to think that other people have a different definition for crud than I do.

But on the 9.22s, yea great ski. I'm skiing a 190, kind of wish I had gone 10cm shorter now. Skiing short slalom make my 9.22s feel like driving an ice cream truck. But seriously, they are pretty quick and quite stable in all kinds of cut-up, mucky, iced over snow. Nice for trees, too. Also a really decent cruising ski.
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My first 9.22s were the 1999/2000 model (the red ones) in 190cm which I liked a lot. At the end of the next season I changed them for a pair of the 2000/2001 model in 180cm and although I'm 6ft 2 and 195lbs I like them even better. Apart from the fact that they perform beautifully a big plus for me is that they are very light, so that even at my age (57) I don't feel nearly as tired at the end of the day as I used to. Great skis for me.
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Originally posted by SimonT:
Apart from the fact that they perform beautifully a big plus for me is that they are very light...
Ditto on that, you wouldn't think it would make that big of a difference, but it does.
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totally agree, I go to ski not work out!
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