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Look turntable binding

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I just had the Look turntable binding mounted on my Chams .Thet set the DIn at 6 due t

mostly they said to my old age (58) I weigh about 170 6 ft tall 26 boot shell. Skied them today at Vail and stayed in I tried to turn the heel Din adjustment screw when there is no boot in the binding and I can't get the screw to turn So how do you adjust the heel piece DIn When I click in at 6 it feels like a mouse could step the heel down I ski typically black diamond runs and bumps at moderate speed.

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flip the heel up as if the boot was in the binding... or just put the boot in the binding.

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Before you change the heel DIN on your own, which may then necessitate a change at the toe, and leave you guessing if the little lines are actually what's operating against your knees, suggest three things: 1) Looks have remarkable elasticity, which means that you can set them a notch or so lighter than you're used to and not suffer any lower performance or higher risk of pre-release. If you usually ski at 7 or so, 6 may be fine. 2) You can ask the shop for a release form and request any DIN you want. 3) You can put down your age as 49 and wink. As long as that's what's on the form, along with Type 3 skier and your weight, you'll get a 7. They don't care, it's your responsibility to provide a correct age. 

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