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prophet 98 179 enough for my weight?

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I'm about 200 pounds, I'm trying to shave some of that off, but I also want to be realistic.  I might be able to get a pair of prophet 98 179's for a really great deal, but I'm a little worried that I should be going for 186's for my weight or the influence 105's. These will be my first fat rockered skis.  I'm used to skiing 180 atomic sx10's. I'm looking for something that's going to be better off piste but won't make me regret not bringing my sx10's if I hit a hard groomer. Thanks for any help.

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I have the 179 Prophet 98. I am 6' and 215 at my heaviest. I have no problems at all love them. These are my daily driver ski and have taken them every where. They are great on groomers and hard pack and work great in crud, crust and bumps. Enjoy!
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Thanks for the reply Prophet98! How would you describe your skiing ability? I'm very aggressive on groomers, crud, and crusty chop and I would describe myself as an expert. I have little experience in trees. I would say I'm advanced on the soft natural bumps that form over the course of a day on fresh snow.  I'm pretty terrible at hard icy moguls.  And I'm fine with fresh powder, it just takes a lot of work with my SX10's.  

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I am pretty much the same as you.  Advanced/Expert.

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Not sure how "expert" skiers of your size enjoy anything under 180cm. As line measures a little short anyways, and the Prophet/Influence use relatively tight turn radiuses. There is no reason you should not be on the 186.

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Well I didn't always use to weigh this much, and unfortunately I can't buy a new set of skis whenever I fatten up. As far as my expertise, I limit it to non-dedicated-ice-mogul trails. I want something that is going to be easier in the trees and moguls, will let me float more in powder, and still let me ski fast and aggressively on the trails. Maybe those are competing features. Anyways, the deal on the P98's has passed, so at this point I'm just trying to decide between the P98 186's or the Influence 105 186's. From my research it seems like the Influence 105s have the size and stiffness for my 2nd two needs and the early rise tips give them some quick turn ability for my first.

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Agreed. I just preferred the shorter ski and experienced no performance issues for me or stability.
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I find the P98 very easy to ski trees, moguls and off piste up to about 8" of new snow... it could probably go on deeper snow I believe the problem starts with now after this point... I'm 5'5" / 150 lbs and I ski the 172cm.


Not sure if prophet98 is talking about performance or stability on grommers or more hardpack snow, but to me the P98 chatters quite a bit when I'm going fast on hard snow or grommers, but it's a blast to ski it even on just a little bit of soft snow! But except for that which might or might not be a problem for you, the P98 does everything else you are asking for quite well!

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