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Scarpa GEA 2011 - Calf Pain!

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Question on new Ski Boots...


I just bought some beautiful Green Scarpa GEA's, fit great with nice control, only problem is the severe calf pain I get when I ski!  It hurts most when I am standing in line or have stopped, not so much when I ski.  Additionally, quads are burning too!  I have limited flexibility and forward lean is my enemy, but at 13 degree's I am surprised I am getting this pain.  I am not a hard charger - 5'6", 115lbs and and stick in the in bounds (for the most part) and have only felt this type of pain previously when trying the Fischer Vacuum's earlier this year (I felt the pain from extreme forward lean just standing in the parking lot, result of poor boot fitting).  


Any thoughts?  I really want to keep this boot, its the only boot I have found that doesn't kill my instep (very high arch and narrow foot have always presented me with boot fitting problems).


Am I too back seat?

Is the boot too low or high on my calf? (I do have short legs, height in all in the torso).

Buckling too tight?

I am stretching...so I don't believe it could be that.


Help is greatly appreciated!  I love my set up and want to keep it - dynafit's, Atomic Century, GEA's...so nice!


FYI - I do tend to be pigeon toed, so I have the canting on the right foot at +2 and the left foot at +1.





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have you tried using the walk mode to alleviate stress while standing?

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I have, and it does help but still the pain must be building up while I am skiing.
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The Gea's are set up to allow 2 different forward lean settings -- 13 degrees and 16 degrees.  Are you sure that when you swap from walk mode to ski mode you're locking into the more upright position rather than the more forward position?  You can also play with the spoiler height in the back of the boot shell (with the info you've given I'd probably start by dropping the spoiler into the lowest possible position) and you can also play with liner tongue position (moving it left or right to along your shin) to see if that helps.  The latter two are more likely to address the calf pain, but since you're also feeling it in your quads, I'd look more towards the forward lean setting. 

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Thanks! I did lower the spoiler all the way (unfortunately it cannot be removed due to the length of the screw as I have done with past boots). I'll play with the tongue ad see what happens, going again tonight.

Thanks so much!
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Good luck.  I bought the men's Maestrale RS this year and have played around with them quite a bit to get them to fit/work the way I want them to.  (I'm blessed/plagued with short legs, very large calves, and am bow-legged, so it takes a while for me to get any boots dialed in.  I found the Maestrales/Geas performance and comfort to be very sensitive to adjustments, so be patient and play around with them a bit.)  The two forward settings lean on the men's boots are 16 and 20 degrees -- as part of my playing around, I skied 1/2 day clicked into the 20 degree setting, and experienced the same results you described with regards to calf pain and excessive quad burn. 

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Update!! All working much, much better! Loosened the strap, don't use the buckle second from the toe and success! I guess I was so use to tightening my boots up so I didn't get slippage and toe bang (from my old nordicas) that I wound up making these too tight initially!

Happy as a clam now, and quads getting use to the 13 degree forward lean, gets easier each night.

Thanks everyone!

Last thought...are clams always happy?
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