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Recommendations Please

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  1. I ski Colorado, mostly Telluride (Plunge one of my favs) and visit Steamboat yearly

  2. I prefer "easy" blacks, smaller bumps, and love to ski in fresh snow/nongroomed when it is available. I do end up on faster groomers a lot with family and friends. With my present skis I am more confident going faster than ever before.

  3. I ski about 10-20 days per year

  4. Level 7 skier

  5. 5'8", 160 pounds ,52 years old, reasonable shape, didn't start skiing until my 30s though so not a natural


Now that I can afford it, ready to buy some skis "on purpose" (vs. finding a demo or super cheap pair like I have always done.)

 Still want to find a good deal though!


Currently using a Solomon Jade, 172. Big step up from the Bandit X of before. I love the way they ski un-groomed runs, but they are a little tough to handle for me in bumps and steeper stuff. Very sketchy for me in deep with steep or trees.


Skied a Rictor, and definitely a step up (much easier on bumps and easier to turn) but not earth shatteringly better. They were a 160 vs. my current 172's. About the same in un-groomed as my Jade's with smaller underfoot and slight rocker for easier turning.


I was ready to purchase these until I started reading about the other options (more modern?) out there (like Line Prophet, Dynastar Distorder, Mantra, etc.)


Ideally want a one quiver ski, and one that will last me for years to come.


Will a tip and tail rocker be more lively in the bumps for me, but still handle groomers? Or should I stay with a more traditional ski and just live within my own limitations.


Not sure I will be getting any better or faster  in the next few years with limited number of days I ski. Really want to still enjoy the (smaller) bumps and have a quick turning ski that can handle a variety of conditions.

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You are not that big or heavy of a guy. 90mmish underfoot will suit you fine. Something lighter and softer will work. May I suggest the Blizzard Bushwacker (early rise tip and tail) and the Head Rev90 (early rise tip, nice taper (relationship of the tip to the tail)) would be the two very forgiving skis I would start with. 

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Did some research after  your suggestions. The Bushwackers look like the ticket!

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