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Race Boots

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Just looking for some feedback on this seasons
race boots,
Im thinkin dobermen, salomon, or head
but am open to all others.
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I can't offer any first hand comments on anything other than my Dobermans. I have used Nordica boots since about 93 or 94 (Grand Prix 90CK) and have had every model of GP until the Dobermans came out what is now three seasons ago. I can't imagine a more powerful and frighteningly responsive boot. I had the 150 flex Dobies the first year and they were awesome. Last year I got my hands on a pair of race stock Dobies (w/ super-thin felt liners and flat inside-outer shell). The boot is simply awesome and I hope it lasts for a few more seasons. I have no desire to look for anything else.

I know a bunch of guys who use the Salomon and swear by it, so I'm sure that is a serious contender also. I'm anxious to see what people have to say about the newly designed Lange boot...it looks interesting. I don't see too many Head Wc's on the slopes.

From the USSA races I go to and the Masters races I compete in, Lange L10, Salomon Course and Rossi Race 1 seem to be the most popular. Perhaps most people, certainly juniors, feel that they are not strong enough to get the most out of the Doberman.

Unfortunately, the best performing boot may be the one that fits you the worst. Pretty much all of the top shelf race boots are serious performers, so you have to try them and then get properly fit.

The Doberman wins hands down in the bad-ass looks department :

If you will be in New England, it would be well worth your time to stop into Peak Performace Ski Shop. It's a racers delight. Race stock skis, boots and bindings along with first rate boot fitting. www.peakskishop.com

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One model that wasn't mentioned is the Tecnica Icon Race XT. This is Tecnica's version of the bare bones race machine. It is very low volume and fits very tight and precise. If you want bells and whistles, though, its not the boot for you. Its definitely along the same lines as the Doberman. Although the Doberman is THE lowest volume shell on the market. Most people who have dobermans have had extensive custom fitting and some shell stretching done, but love the final result.
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You should only think about the dobermans if you want to do a ot of custom fitting to your boots to make them even remotely comfortable. They are a great boot once you are able to get your foot into them comfortably. Also you better be a very strong skier if you are even considering the Doberman, if you like the nordica fit i think the K9.1 has a similar shell but is not as stiff. The Doberman is strictly a race boot. If youre free skiing don't get the Doberman.

I swear by my Salomon Course boots, they are the most comfortable boot i have ever skied in. The Salomon Course (red) and the Doberman are probably the stiffest boots that you can buy at your local shop, until you go to race stock boots. I bought the salomon because i liked the fit better than the nordica. Id ont knwo why but Salomon boots have alwyas fit my feet better than all other boots. ANd i have used rossignol, salomon, lange, and nordica. Also one thing i should note, i use the yellow version of the salomon course because i liked the softer flex because i originally bought the boot for free skiing. Given my weight of only 150lbs, the boot is just about right, i can flex it pretty easily. Probably in a few seasons ill be looking at new boots since these are going on their 3rd season now (i figured i can get about 5 out of them), and most likely ill be getting the course boot again (or whatever salomon is putting out as a race boot by then), but ill probly go to the stiffer model.
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Holy crap! Heluva - you can get by with a normal, off the shelf, ski shop boot? I figured you would have "race room" boots, too. :
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I would love to go on for hours about this. It is my opinion that (performance-wise) you should ski on boots made by the manufacturer that you developed your skills in. I built my skills in Langes and until the lange "offset pivot" patent expired the only boot I could ski was a Lange. Today I find the Salomon Course boots ski more like and old Lange than modern Langes do and they fit better. I still find that Nordicas and Dolomites do not fit my skiing at all Tecnicas of today fit my skiing better than Tecnicas of yesteryear but still are only the third best boot for me.

That said the best fitting boot is the best boot for you. If you have always used Nordicas or Langes and custom fit them to the end of the earth then do that for your new boots. You will find that is the best way to get a great boot for you and your skiing.

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Salomon Course Saffron...i love that boot. I've skied in it since the winter of 99/00. It's very comfortable, but i've found it to be very responsive at the same time. It's not much of a pain to get into either.

In terms of fit, it'll fit an A+ to a C- width foot with a bigger heel pocket than the Nordica Beast. It has a higher instep than say rossignol or lange so, if that's your foot, i'd recommend at the least trying it. I'm 5'6" and weigh 140 if you can use that info. If you're taller by a large margin, you might want to check out the red one as well.

With proper boot fitting, the course can be a killer boot in terms of both racing and all mountain use. When i first started using the course, my shins were all banged up because they were too stiff for me...but i don't have much problems flexing them now except at the beginning of the seasons. Lateral response is great..Very quick and precise. definitely check it out [img]smile.gif[/img]

Mello [img]smile.gif[/img]
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