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Breckenridge, CO

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Any recommendations of things to do with a 3.5 and 5 year old skiers while in Breckenridge. They will spend lot of time in ski school, just looking for ideas outside ski school, be either w/ or w/o skis on.

Thanks and happy skiing
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Tubing in Frisco at Adventure Park.

Dogsled rides.

Snowmobile Rides.

Visit the Historical Alliance museums.

Gold Coaster on Peak 8.
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thanks. we did the tubbing in frisco last year but didn't get a chance to do the gold coaster youngest was to small and god forbid we didn't let her do it. so this year will give it a try. dog sledding looks exciting. if you have done it do you think it would be appropriate for a 3.5 yo? She would be able to do it per website, just curious.



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You can also go to, I got a newsletter they just launched activity bookings direct on their site as the first travel website of its kind to let local outfitters create listings like homeowners.  Pretty cool actually.

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