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Rossi experience - tip "plowing" in soft snow?

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Was thinking about getting some experience 83's (or maybe 88s) for east coast all-mountain until I heard reviews about the tips plowing away snow and making you feel like you're going over the handlebars when the snow's heavy and/or deep (we don't get much of that where I live but I'd like skis that wouldn't make it any harder to ski that stuff than what would be normally expected from a waist width in the 80s).

So, to anyone who's tried the experience line, is "plowing" a big problem on ungroomed snow?
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Following this thread with great interst. I was just wondering: where have you read or heard those reviews? I am aiming for the Rossi E88 too, so I would very much like to know...



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It was somewhere on here - the reviews were generally positive, but plowing (due to the wide, flattened tip) was listed as a minor downside. Even if it's only a problem in deeper heavy stuff, there's plenty of skis in this category without this issue.

Still waiting to hear from someone who's actually skied them
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I don't know, TripleBlack.  I've spent approx 60-80 days on Experience 98's here at Jackson Hole in the last two seasons.  I've also skied the Exp 83 and 88 a moderate amount.  I honestly can't say that I've ever "experienced" that kind sensation with any of those skis, and I've skied a lot of deeper and moderately heavy snow with them.


I actually think that the blunt, flattened nose makes them work better in chopped-up, leftover powder because the low tip profile slices through snow and doesn't get bounced around like some wider-profile tips.


I'm not totally objective as I have an on-mountain relationship with Rossignol, but I just don't recall ever having the sensation you describe.  I'd be interested to hear from someone who does feel that.

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Just to add some video evidence of Bob Peters' post: two Youtube video's:


The first showing the E88 on groomers, the second in (chopped up) powder. No plowing or chattering tips whatsoever...






I'm completely convinced. Still want to try them before I buy, though.

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At the end of the video, you can see that all the skis are Rossi 88 or 98. Good enough for a heli trip!

I went into several shops in Steamboat last month, all recomended the 88 or 98 unless one had a preference for another brand.

They replaced the SC87 that I am on, and that is one great ski. These should be even better.


Here is another video, skis are rock solid all the way. 


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yep, I have "Experienced" tip plowing with the E88 but it was in exceptionally heavy conditions, a sensation I didn't get when I skied other 88mm skis on the same day, all the others (Kastle BMX88, Blizzard Bushwacker and Volkl Kendo) got up on the snow better. While I did feel this, it didn't stop me from buying the ski for myself. No ski will do EVERYTHING, but this tip plow was minor even in Sierra Cement. 

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I demo skied the E88 in 178cm for a half day (as well as a Mantra 177cm and a Prophet 98 179cm) and it was a fun ski. Conditions were cut-up new powder and just-groomed fresh. In the cut-up powder, the E88 tips didn't plow like you mentioned but they didn't lift as much as the P98 nor the Mantra. The Mantra is heavy and stiff and kind of just bashed through. The P98 came up and then over/thru. The E88 tips seemed to stay flatter on the snow overall and the tip width was slightly more apparent to me--maybe it has less rocker that the others? Like I said, it was fun and 'ok'. I ended up liking the P98 the most of the three. There's a Prophet 90 if you're looking for a narrower-waisted ski (I haven't skied it though).

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