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Ski length?

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Hi guys
This is my first post here so please be nice :-)
I'm looking to buy new skis and am after some advice.
The stats:
I ski in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
I'm 160cm, 55 or so kgs (female)
I ski moderately. I can get down most things on the mountain, but sometimes in not so good style (or as an instructor once told me - for someone who skis as sh1t as you do, you manage to get yourself down some seriously hard stuff!)
I'd probably spend 50/50 on groomers and off piste. Like to ski powder and trees (don't we all?) but don't mind fresh corduroy either.
I'm currentlyvskiing Roxy Sugahs (69 underfoot) in a 154 and want something slightly fatter underfoot
So, I've decided on Blizzard black pearls.
Question 1. I'm really stuck on length. Was originally thinking 159s based on my height but itbhas been suggested that 166 would be a better length, but am concerned that I won't be able to do tight turns in the trees. On the other hand, if they ski as short as I've been reading, I don't want the death flap when it gets up to speed. My technique isn't picture perfect, so I worry that I won't be able to drive them. I skied some 169 pon2oons and they pretty much skied me and I just hung on for the ride.
Question 2. Are the bushwhackers and bps the same? The bushwhackers are nearly 100 dollars cheaper...

Any help you can give me would be awesome!
Thanks all
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I'd suggest the 159cm for you and yes the Bushwhacker is the same ski w a different graphic.

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Thanks for the reply.


My concern with the 159, is that as it's a rockered ski, I'm worried that it'll be too short - although I'm skiing a 154 at present, I don't want to go any shorter than that, and if I take off 5-8cm for the rocker, it's getting pretty short! On the other hand, the 166 seems quite long... 


Do you have any thoughts on this?


Aah the dilemmas!



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On what snow do you ski (groomers, powder)? Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the skiresorts in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. If you want to hit some groomers or not you could decide your length. There is a lot of information about the BP's (en lengths) on 


The Bushwacker is a tiny bit stiffer under foot, but you could hardly notice the difference I've been told. 

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I ski probably 50/50 off piste to groomers, maybe leaning slightly more towards the off piste.

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