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2003 Race Stock Fischer SL & GS

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I posted a similar review in another forum but it is more appropriate here. I was in South America for a couple of weeks and skied mostly gates, so I can offer some first hand views on the performance of these skis. I brought three pairs of skis along: Elan SLX 154, stock Fischer SL 155 and stock Fischer GS 180.

The Fischer SL's are beasts, pure and simple. They DEMAND that they be skied very powerful and positive. They remind me of a pair of race stock Rossi 9S's that I skied last season but even more demanding and with a rounder turn shape. The regular Fischer SL has a tip of 123 and the stock tip is 115 by my measurements. Even with the reduced sidecut I still feel that the stock has a turn shape which is a little too round for my liking.

Edgehold is phenomenal. I was getting thrown around and off line quite a bit and had to perform some serious recovery acts to stay in the gates. No matter how far the skis got away from me, as long as I was able to set a positive edge they immediately hooked up and shot me right back where I aimed them. They do EXACTLY what you tell them to do, but you have to be very precise when giving them orders.

The Fischers are the most demanding sl ski I have ever used, period. They need speed and a very firm course to make them come alive. When free skiing with them in anything but perfect groomers, the tips just dive down beneath the loose stuff and look for the hardest snow to grab hold of. This is meant for gates and only gates. I'm 6'2 200lbs. and had still had to muscle the ski to stay on top of it. Unless you have some serious game, I recommend staying away from this one.

I have two pair of these and will sell one of them. If you are interested stay tuned. If I can't unload them to racers I know I'll put them up for sale on this site.

I will be racing on the Elan SLX this season unless I can get a better handle on the Fischers. The SLX is so light, quick, solid and energenic. It does everything the Fischer does in a more tolerable package, but not forgiving by any means. In my book the SLX is the perfect slalom ski.

The stock Fischer GS is awesome and much friendlier than you would think. It has a true 21m radius but seems to be able to rip any size GS arc that you want. A nice light feel (compared to the GSX) and super smooth. Very positive in a carve with no sense of the edges wanting to give way. I'll be using this is tighter GS courses and the Elan GSX in faster, more open sets. As smooth as the Fischer is, it can't compare with the GSX's silky ride. Both are Freakin' rockets that just beg to be fed more speed. If I had to choose between the two for the gates, I would take the Fischer because they ski a little easier which makes them more suitable for tighter courses. Fortunately, I don't have to choose because I have them both

I would give the Fischer SL's a perfect 10 in edgehold, quickness, stabilty at speed, energy, feel and any other catagory you can think of. They are awesome in every way. The only drawback is that they are rediculously demanding and need speed get them cookin'. Without hesitation I can say that it is the most serious sl ski I have ever encountered. Being the truest of race stock skis, it gives you a sense of the skill and power that the World Cup guys need to compete on those sick courses.

Since the 99-00 season when the first short sl skis were sold I've been saying "I don't see how these things can get any better". Every year I am blown away by the progress that the companies have made. Last year I thought Stockli's were the clear winner in race skis. This year my vote goes to Elan. I can't wait to see what the 04's have in store for us.
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Ditto on the Elan, it rocks, plain and simple it rocks, and its easy to ski on too (well for any racer). The Elans are actually stocks that you were on probably. Elan only makes race stock skis and they are very difficult to get (at least in Western NY) unless you get them from a rep. The difference between the SLX and GSX and their detuned stable mates is the thickness of the titanium in the ski. On the website it says the tatanium is .9mm thick but it seems like the rep told me that the ones i demoed had 1.4mm thick titanium... but i may be wrong, it was awhile ago... Either way i WILL be racing on stock ELan SLX's for slalom this year. But for GS i chose a race room model of the new Salomon Equipe 10 2V, the new shape rocks, and like all salomons they are silky smooth, with a rediculous amount of edgehold.

the stock fischer sc's are next on my list.
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I got my the 03 Elans at the end of last season from a rep so I have a pretty good feel for them. I have a 154 and 162. I was consistently quicker with the 162's on timed runs. Strangely enough, the longer ski seems to be a little quicker edge to edge and definitely feels more solid. As you know, the sidecut on the two skis are quite different. If you don't have a pair yet make sure you try both. You may very well want the longer length.

I have not seen the 2V's yet but look forward to taking them out for a ride.
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If I was after race skis I would be getting some of these:

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Nice pictures, but have you skied them... and mind you we arent talking about the skis you go and grab off the shelf at your local shop. And while stocklis are great skis we have all skied the litter of sl skis out for the season and have narrowed it down to the fastest ones in the bunch.

Anyhow as for size. I only weight about 145 right now (hopefully over 155 by the time the season comes) and i was hesitant on trying the 162 because of my size. The 154 felt like plenty of ski for me and going up the extra length and actually getting a ski with bigger tip and tail kinda scares me. Two or three of my team mates are also getting the SLX but they are getting it in a 162 (they each weigh about 190lb). I'll probly give the 162 a shot, maybe ill even have my rep get a some 162's for demo and take those out for a spin before i mount up my 154's. Or maybe ill just get both, they are a pretty decent deal. Does anyone have any info on the plate that the website advertises for them?

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I raced on the Stockli SLR and GS last year and sang their praises to no end. As a coach, I even put five of my racers on them. In my mind I thought that they were the top of heap in both sl and gs...until I strapped on some Elan prototypes in January. The SLX is soooo good. When I think of what I want in a sl ski the SLX has it all. I honestly can not think of anything else that the ski could do better than it already does. The Stockli GS is a great ski with an outstanding base and would happily use it, but I like the smooth/heavy feel of the GSX more. I think most stock gs skis tend to be quite similar and its a matter of splitting hairs to find the one that feels the best for you. The difference between sl skis in much more pronounced.


I have the 154 and 162 and I'm also quicker on the 162. I'd get both if I were you. I'd bet that you will be quicker on or the other. Use one pair for training if you can afford it. As for the plate, my skis have the intergrated race plate and I mounted the Comp 1400's on top of last years adjustable Marker World Cup Piston Control plate. I get 55mm of lift from this combination. Coupled with my lifted Dobermans I can lay the skis waaayy on their edges without booting out.
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Maybe ill also trade in my Equipe 10 3V's and just have two Elan SLX's. Doesnt sound like a half bad idea. I'll be mounting salomon poweraxe race sl plates and 914 AXE+ bindings on top of these. I cant wait to ski on them.
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I've been following this post, and I wonder which SLX everyone here has been skiing. There are two that I know of, the one with topsheet bumps and the one with a flat topsheet. I spent most of my summer training on SLX's and the Fischer RC, and I found the fischer to be a better ski.

I was also able to get my hands on a pair of World Cup SLX's (one of 6 pairs made) for a day- those are the best slalom skis I have ever been on. The easiest to ski as well.
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Stockli SC's ski very, very nice until they loose their camber. One season and they're in the garbage bin. Stockli USA wouldn't warantee them either.

Asteroids just bent, you know - like a bannana. But thats from skiing bumps. They need to tweak that Titanal alloy a bit more or they'll get a really bad rap. Nice ski - too bad I'm out a lot of cash.

I'm on Fishers and Atomics now.

- Paul
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