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Unmounting Rotefella NNN BC Auto Bindings

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I inherited a shot pair of XC skis that are mounted with Rotefella NNN BC Auto Bindings. I'd like to remove and mount the bindings on another pair of skis I'm experimenting with, but I can't figure out how to get to the frontmost mounting screw(s).


I've searched here and Google'd but haven't been able to find (un)mounting instructions. I did find a video on youtube for Rotefella NNN (not BC) bindings, and I suspect much of what is shown in the video also applies to the NNN BC bindings, but still cannot get the front plastic cap off to access the screw(s) underneath.


In the pic below I can access the two screws under the rubber "hood" (# 1) - no problem there. But I have not been able to safely pry off the plastic cap (# 2). Can anyone enlighten me as to how to get that cap off without breaking it?

If the NNN BC bindings are like the NNN bindings in the vid then under #'s 3 and 4 there will be plugs that go down into the ski to help secure the binding - these should just be able to be pried up, as per the video - correct?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Perhaps it would have been better had I spelled the name correctly - Rottefella - two t's.  ;-)


Anyway, after poking around on some Norwegian web sites I found this minimal but useful set of mounting instructions...




Referring back to #2 in the picture above it appears just the small black inner section of the plastic cap needs to be popped off to access the single mounting screw below. Still, I've tried prying with a thin blade screwdriver, and I can't seem to get it off. Don't want to break it.


Any suggestions?

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Well, this reply won't be very helpful, but I destroyed the plastic caps on an old set of Rottefella NNN bindings I was trying to remove.


There must be some magic trick to prying up that cap- because even after I wrecked the first one and proceeded with a more gentle technique, the second one shattered too.  Even though I thought I was prying it out properly...  I partly blame the age, because the bindings were a zillion years old and the plastic had become very brittle.  But clearly I was missing something.


Luckily, I was tossing the bindings anyway.


Good luck.

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Appreciate the feedback - sorry yours broke in the  process. :-(


Don't like to apply force when I don't know what I'm doing, but being impatient to experiment I forged ahead, and was able to pry the black caps off without breaking them...



As the pic shows the two rearward anchors are screws, not plugs. Prying up the whole rear assembly up is not the way to go - need to peel off the Rottefella stickers, which gives access to the screws.


These bindings came off some 203CM Fischer E99 Mountain Crown skis, which are similar to older Karhu 10th Mountains I've been using. They seem like pretty decent skis, or I should say "were", as unfortunately the base has broken down and started to peel off...



However the bindings looked serviceable, and I wanted to scavenge to mount them on an old pair of 125CM Rossi kids skis I picked up dumpster diving...



Took them out and skied around on them a bit today in a meadow after first cruising around on the 10th Mountains. Bases currently unmodified, and didn't apply any wax. Still, using a mix of classic and skate styles I was able to move around on them ok.


This is really just a first step to get familiar with some things. There will be more experimentation ... this is where things are headed.  wink.gif

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Glad your caps came off.  I was retiring my bindings anyway, so no big deal.  Plus, NNN bindings can be had off ebay for cheap.


You're going to put scales on your own skis?  That's a pretty cool idea.

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Thank you very much for posting the URL for the ski binding mounting. It helped me out a ton! smile.gif
And I didn't break the black caps. Just used a very small tip common screwdriver and wiggled underneath the black cap until it popped off.
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I recently took a pair of older straight/skinny alpine skis and fishscaled the bottoms, ( manually - with a hammer and chisel! ;-), and mounted some Rottefella NNN BC bindings on em. Now if there was just some snow so I could get out in the forest and see how well they grip and glide. If we don't get anything from Mother nature soon I think I'll take em along to the resort and try them on the learner's hill at the end of a ski day. Been meaning to do that anyway to practice different types of downhill turns on XC gear.


Glad it worked out for you - let us know how it goes if you get out and ski em!   ;-)

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