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Fall today

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I fell this afternoon and twisted out of my ski after the tail got caught. My left knee hurts on the outside below the joint, I can walk on it and bend it but the pain is quite unpleasant. Is there something beyond ice and Advil I should be doing before Monday when I can see my doctor.

Thank you
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A severe twist can fracture the proximal fibula just below the knee and feel like what you describe. Usually there is an injury to the ankle as well.

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My ankle Is injury free. Is there anything I should lookout for to indicate a tear.
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If the ankle feels fine, you likely did not fracture the fibula. Ice it tonight, 20 min on, 20 min off for several cycles and see how it feels in the morning. If greatly improved, you probably did not injure a key structure. For me to comment much further in this venue without knowing much more would be ill advised.

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Any swelling?

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if seeing doctor Monday, not much other than ice and Motrin/ibuprofen.    twisted my knee 3yrs back, too "manly" to take a ride down and in earnest, just this yr feel a bit normal but I never saw my doc or did any PT.    So, advice is get a good checkout and invest in some PT ....

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Thanks Pete. I feel I didn't tear anything. If lying in bed I have full mobility and no pain, but when walking anytime a sideways force is put on, it hurts.
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gastrocnemius? apply/pinch pressure to achilles which is the bottom part of the gastronemius. if there is movement then not a tear. had this injury last month. it took 2 weeks before i could walk or ski. good luck.

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Great News! I got the results of my MRI Monday and there is nothing torn or stretched. I had a bone contusion (bruise).

I can't go running for a few weeks, but I will recovery fully.
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Good for you!!! Rest up!! TLC!!!


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