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Hunting for my first pair of skis in years- live in Midwest, take the family to Colorado/Utah two or three times per year. I'm 6'1", 210 lbs. Have been skiing mostly blue groomers with my wife (her happy place), but my kids are coming along FAST and will be pulling me back onto some of the easier blacks in the next 2-4 years. Looking for suggestions regarding all-mountain skis- had demo'd the K2 Amp Rictor and Volkl RTM 80s, around 176 cm, in the past two years- did just fine on the groomers and a few inches of fresh stuff but don't have a good sense for their capabilities on different terrain. I'm Ok with buying either of the two skis above but would welcome other thoughts. Seems like all-mountain skis keep getting wider, didn't know if I'm shortchanging myself at 80 mm width.

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Welcome to EpicSki. I demoed the Volkl 84RTM at Snowbasin last Wednesday and was pretty astounded at the overall performance. The conditions were primarily hardpack with some piles of loose snow on some of the runs and even a bit of untracked snow in places. I was prepared to dislike them but I actually liked them. They did everything I wanted to do on them pretty well, bumps, held an edge on the really hard stuff, plowed through the loose snow. They don't fit into my 2-ski quiver, but I could own them and enjoy skiing them. I also demoed the K2 Richtor 82Ti the same day and didn't like it at all, felt very squirrelly. To be honest, I tried it late in the day and I was getting tired and the skis might have needed a good tune by then. So take that for what it's worth. Personally, I would recommend you try to demo the 84RTM and see how you like it. This is a ski that should hold up fine in the midwest and will also work quite well in softer and hopefully deeper Rocky Mountain snow. It's a ski I wouldn't hesitate to take into 18-24" of powder.
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Thanks. On the RTM 84s- did you go for longer length than usual or does the rocker not play into length decision for you? Leaning towards 181 length.

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I think I demoed the 171 so 181 should be fine for you.  If you haven't skied a full rocker ski before, you should really demo this first.  It is a different feeling and when I first demoed two full rocker skis 2 seasons ago I hated them both.  That was why I was prepared to dislike the RTM.

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