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South America Skiing

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I am considering a ski trip to South America for my family this summer. My youngest is a beginner snowboarder (mostly greens) and my oldest is an intermediate yet cautious skier (blues). Does anyone have recommendations for a good resort that would meet their needs in S. America?
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Which age are your kids? if they are 11 or less, I would recommend Portillo, Chile. Niceplace to go with small kids. they have only one hotel, and the staff is great. If you go at the end of the season, there are a couple of weeks that kids.
Most of the mountain is green and blue (very easy) but still have a couple of nice runs for you.
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I don't know about the Chilean ski resorts, but the comments are ever good.


Yo would consider two other places.

Bariloche and Ushuaia, Argentina. But, you'll be few miles away form the slopes. Both very scenic places, good food, not that expansive. The quality of ski is a matter of how good will be the season.

Good luck!

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I agree with edlam. Bariloche (Cerro Catedral) is a nice mountain, with excellent view. The problem is that may be too crowded during winter holidays and there is some risk of not having good snow (or even not having snow) in the lower part of the mountain.
I haven't been in Usuahia (cerro castor). My understanding is that it has good snow and that the best time to go is September/October, because of the weather.
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Yes, TanoB is absolutely right. Friends told me that  last year the conditions and snow coverture were just good for some weeks. For the most of the season there were no snow to the lower mountain. It means, a lot of crowd to get up to the top and less options to run down. Even, late afternoon, long lines to get back to the base.


One tip to have some advice on what will be the next season is to look on weather pattern.   La niña and El Niño do a major work on allow the clouds to pass over the Andes Montains or, instead, on block it. That said, one year the season is good to Bariloche and not so good for Chile, in another one  the opposite. I don't know precisely which one is good. But it's not so hard to find out.


BTW, Come to Argentina or Chile would be a great experience. very nice places to know and sight, beside the ski itself. Bariloche has a huge and astonishing lake, with several boats to sail around. Buenos Aires is a beautful city that deserves a visit for a day or two. Very good restaurants and lots of things to do. 


Oh! yes, we can't forget the wines. You'll find several fantastic Malbecs, Tempranilos, Cabernets and, better, with very good prices.


Let me know if you need more information!


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