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22 designs axl matched to skis

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I was thinking of getting a new rig for the3 backcountry that would be a little more robust than my current setup.  I wanted to get a pair of axls but want them matched to a good all around ski for backcountry skinning up and skiing down moderate to aggressive terrain in the northeast US.  I am intrigued by the G3 Saint and the Dynafit Manaslu.  Is the axl too much binding for these skis?  I currently ride BD Kilowatts with BD 01's in lift served areas and G3 Targa's with G3 Aces backcountry.

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The AXL will be fine with either of those skis.

I am not sure either set up will be remarkably more "robust" than what you are on now.

I am pretty sure both those skis are lighter than the Killowat, and lighter skis get pushed around more.

Also- if you buy the Manaslu, be sure that you can drill into the ski, rather than using the re-inforced inserts specifically for Dynafit.


What do you want the new set up to do that the old set up does not?

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The BD setup seems a bit static to me – by that I mean not a lot of action on the ski.  The just feel like dead boards.  I weigh about 185 so that should be enough to drive them.

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