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Your list of skis to Demo?

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We have been reading the reviews in the Ski Mags. Some of us have been down to the Ski Shop and checked out the new gear. We have read and heard the rumors about what new skis are hot. Now whats on your list of skis you want to try this coming season?
Here is a few of mine.
The new K2 XP some say lifless others say a really good ride.
Atomic 10:20 I haven't skied an Atomic in a few years
The new Fischer sceneo 500 I Demoedthe Bigstick 84 last season I'm looking forward to demoing another Fischer.
Oboe You have done a good job of selling me on trying the Rossi Banditt xx I'm looking forward to a demo on this ski.
I want to try a twin tip If for no other reason Then to see some 16 year old kid turn pale when he sees some 49 plus year old gaper on his hot new ultra hip twin tip
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LENGTH MATTERS. I hated the Rossi Bandit XX in 177 cm but loved it enough to buy in 170 cm. I loved the Dynastar Intuitiv 71 in 174, but on advice of one who knows, found that the 167 was more than enough ski for me in that length.

So, try the XX, and be sure to try it in different lengths. FYI: Lars has skied this and the previous models of the XX for years. He has gone down one length from his old XX in the current model.
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Atomic SX:11 and Beta Carve 11:16
Völkl T50 Supersport***** and Carver Motion
Salomon Crossmax 10 Pilot
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I'm looking at trying out a new pair of carving skis and was thinking the following
Dynastar Speed Course
Atomic GS 11-21
Atomic SX 11
Volkl P50
Any other suggestions?

Other then that just for fun I'll try to demo the Volkl Supersport 5 star and the Bandit XX and the Carver Motion
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Looking for replacements for my 186 cm SuperMountains. Need a ski for non-groomed days at Bridger Bowl & Big Sky which means lots of wide open bowls, steep-narrow chutes, powder, crud & crud turning to bumps. My list is currently:

K2 Axis XP
Rossi Bandit XX
Rossi RPM 21
Salomon 1080s
Dynastar Intuitiv 74
Fischer Big Stix 75

Laseranimal - I would add the Rossi PP 9X to your list.

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MIGHT check out something big-time FAT in Utah, if we get big snow. And prob'ly will hop on a shortyslalom late in the year, just for the heck of it.
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Rio: can I suggest to add Atomic R EX (formerly 10EX) to your list. I picked up a used pair last season and that is the reason I do not plan any demos for this season. Just skied a week on them in Chile and they worked in all snow conditions (hard pack, powder, chop, crust - yes we had them all).

I would like to try Sugar Daddy on a deep day, but just out of curiousity.

Are you guys demo'ing to keep current with latest developments or to buy something?
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Elan: GSX, HCX
Salomon: Crossmax 10 Pilot
Fischer: RC4 Worldcup RC, RC4 Worldcup SC, Sceno S 500 Titanium FT
Atomic: GS:11.21, SL:11.12, SX:11
Dynastar: Omeglass 64, Ski Cross 10
Volkl: T50 Supersport*****
Rossignol: RPM 21
Thats the wish list to demo - ill probly only get to a few of those this season because of my race schedule and the fact that i have enough skis as it is.

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May I suggest demo-ing the Atomic BetaRide 9.22 (mid-fat all-mountain). After trying this ride, you may not feel the need to demo any more skiis.

That's what happend to me and I finally bought a pair at the end of last season. I'm 5'10", 175lbs. and tried the 170's and found it to be great, but would chatter a bit on the steeper hardpack. I attributed this to my weight (too heavy for the ski) so I went to 180's and it's been pure bliss.

The ski hasn't changed much in the last 5 seasons – if it ain't broke...
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Eug -

I haven't finished dechipering what Atomic skis became what this year so they weren't on the list. Last year the 11.20 & 10.EX were on my list of skis to look at for replacing the SuperMountains.
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Can't ski on the betaride 9.22 - cuz all i ski is steep hardpack. It always has sounded like an interesting ski if you were skiing out west though. Probly has a lot of pop to it... although if i was cruising on a freeride ski from atomic itd be the 10.ex(REX) or the 11.20(R11 now i think).
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Last Feb I skied most of this years Rossis, K2s, Salomons, Atomics, and Volkls, plus a handfull of Elans, Lines, and Fischers. So I will not be doing any demoing until trade fair this Feb. By the way I did not find a bad ski, just about every ski will do exactly what the manufacturer says it will, and more.
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Try the new k2 ak enemys, seth pistols, Rossignol scratch bc, line motherships, atomic stomps, and atomic big daddy's, also the atomic sx11.21, good pop, and speed, plus fairly wide
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I bought a pair of Atomic r11.20's last year, superb ski!! All I'm looking for now is a pair of wide rides for those lucky days out west. Some on the list: Atomic Sugar Daddy, k2 AK Enemy, Sol. Pocket Rocket, Volkl Explosives, Fischer Big Stix 104. Hope I hit enough powder to try em all this year.
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Here are a few I'm looking forward to trying this year on New Hampshire/Vermont hardpack (I'm 6', 180lbs and looking for a recreational GS sort of footprint - all set on the shorty part of the quiver):

Head Cyber World Cup (01-02) 180cm
Atomic SX:11 180 cm
Dynastar Speed Carve 63 178 cm
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any info on the Elan whispers 8.0
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I have to call my Elan rep today so ill ask her about them for you, i knwo she has skied pretty much all of the models for this season already.
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I am due for a new pair of skis, but I doubt that I can demo before I buy. Demoing a specific ski is a logistical nightmare, unless you get lucky. Here is my list:

Fischer Sceno S 500 Titanium FT (160cm)
Head Cyber I.C. 160/180 IBS (163-170)

If anyone gets to demo these toys, PLEASE post a review.
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too many skis to mention to demo...but I saw this year's
Volkl Vertigo G3 in a local shop!!..gotta try it, but still have my eye on [img]smile.gif[/img] last season's EX/this season's R:EX..
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Have skis,
I just bought a pair of the Atomic R:ex on e bay I did a couple of hours on a the 184 last season and was impressed. The R:ex and the Fischer Big Stick 84 were my top two picks for a wider all mountain ski.
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Mine is gonna be one HELL of a long list:

Looking at purchasing:

Bandit XXs
K2 Axis XPs
Dynastar Intuitiv 74s
Salomon Scream 10s (sort of)
Vertigo Motions (if money were no object)

And for fun:

Pocket Rockets
Scratch BCs
new 1080s
Sugar Daddys
Some Nordica of SOME sort or other.
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Well, I got a couple of pairs of skis to demo today, for the week, and they are both at the top of my list:
Stockli Stormrider and
Stockli Easy Rider!

I'm sure I'll be buying one of them.
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Originally posted by Vita-Man:
Ant, Finally someone mentions a real ski! I personally would go with the Stormrider for all around high performance skiing or the easy rider for more relaxed skiing or instructing.
Real ski? You mean real expensive ski. Speaking of expensive, the T50 Supersport 5* is another promising ski that is very expensive (CDN$1650 with bindings in Canada).
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Stockli are one of the cheapest skis in Oz, thanks to the importer selling direct! Way cheaper than Salomon, that's for sure.

Well, I've been on them both for a few days, and have to say it'll probably be the Easy Rider, as the Stormriders just hate turning at slow speeds! also i can't seem to bend the things, which is disconcerting. Darn monsters, they are. I quite like the Easys, I have got them in a 170 which is a tad long, but they feel good, go plenty fast and seem to do everything rather well. And they are cheap as chips.
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1. Atomic SX-11
2. Volkl SS T50 5Star
3. Don't know - what else might be in the same ballpark?
4. By the way, Length will be approx. 170 cm

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as of 10/6:
Atomic 9.22, 11.20


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Well, the R:11 (this year's 11.20) is looking like an *ASAP* demo.... Going thru a *Working while upgrading the job_skills* phase while living up in Maine...60min from Sugarloaf. I've never been this close to a med-large mountain....and have never made so little in the last decadeARRGGGHH*$&%(%
...but I AM looking at a big year for time on the mountain.

Wish I could get out West but 03'-04' looks a lot easier.

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