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4frnt pique vs Head Rev 80

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I started this thread in the general ski discussion but, as i'm new here, think that it may fit in here a little better.  The lack of response to the other thread tipped me off haha.  Sorry for posting twice, hopefully this is in the right section. 


Getting ready to pull the trigger on my first pair of skis after a long history as a snowboarder and would like some input from others that have ridden these skis.  I would demo both of them but unfortunately neither of them are available as a demo near me.  We do have them in stock at the shop i work in though so i've had some time to really go over them as far as the way they look on paper and in hand.


A little about me:  This is the end of my first season skiing, i'd say that i picked it up quickly and had a lot of experienced people around me to show me the ropes and get me started down the right road.  I just bought myself a pair of nordica transfire r2's, i'm 25 years old, 5'10'' and weigh about 165 with an athletic build.  I live in Boone, NC right now so most of my skiing is done at the mountains near me however, i've made it up to the northeast 3 times this year and will be moving to Oregon in August.  So the ski will be used mostly out there.  Since this is my first ski i want to focus on a mostly on piste ski that has the ability to spend some time off piste, although that will not be my focus. 


Skis that i have ridden before are. 


Rossignol S3 in a 178


Volkl RTM 84 in a 176


Volkl AC30 in a 177


Atomic Vf 75 in a 156 i think...


K2 extreme in something around a 165


Some crap skis in various sizes. 


My favorite skis out of the ones that i've tried out are the RTM and the S3.  The RTM is fast and fun allowing me to make any number of turn sizes, i'm comfortable on this ski at any speed.  I can really drive this ski well and enjoy every second of it.  I liked the S3 just because it was fun to ride.  It was way looser than the RTM but it was fun to really flex it out and be a little more playful going down the mountain. 


I'm Considering the Pique because it will be an agressive ski that will allow me to progress further and push my ability.  I'm relating this one to the RTM even though they have different profiles they are both performance "all mountain" skis.  I'm relating the rev to the S3.  I know that they  are a vastly different ski as far as dimensions and profile but i feel that with a slight amount of rocker and a softer ski the rev will give me the same sensation, a "playful" ski, as the S3.


What do you folks think about these two skis? 


Oh, the pique is a 177 and the rev is a 170.




Thanks everyone.

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Have you thought about the 4FRNT Cody? You will want something a little wider underfoot, especially in the PNW, than you'd probably even think about in NC. The shape is great, the ski doesn't have a speed limit, and it rallies the entire mountain. You could also look at the 4FRNT Turbo.

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